Top 4 Mobile Phone Brands Used By Average Nigerians

Technology has evolved over the last four decades, with the most recent decade witnessing the most significant improvement. Man has continued to develop existing platforms and systems, and these systems are controlling almost every aspect of human endeavor. Currently, everybody is tilting towards Cloud based service, because the world is becoming increasingly integrated each day and there is need to gain access to valuable information anywhere and anytime.

Previously, communication with people overseas was quite expensive and time consuming. You would have wait for many weeks in other for your mail to get to its destination and probably the same waiting time to get a response. Ever since the introduction of mobile phones in the 70s, the world has witnessed massive improvement in the field of commerce and telecommunication. We are now able to reach out to people, love ones, business partners, irrespective of the time and distance.

We now have the much improved, computerized mobile phones known as Smartphones that have the ability to multitask and manage our daily activities efficiently. Currently, smartphones are making the rounds in the media as well as the mobile market. Some of the major manufacturers of feature phones and smartphones include Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG and many more.

Nigeria is a hub for telecommunication in Africa; in fact, we have the largest, most dynamic and most robust mobile market in Africa. Many Smartphone manufacturers have realized this and are battling each other for market shares in Africa’s largest economy. According to recent statistics released by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), Nigeria currently has over 167 million phone owners with 142 million active lines. This data supercedes those provided by most European countries. The top four mobile brands used by average Nigerians, according to the NCC, include:

1. Nokia


Nokia is a world renowned brand when it comes to consumer electronics and telecommunication. Some Nigerians believe Nokia is only into the production of smartphones, but in reality they manufacture other products like TVs, machinery, personal computers, capacitors and many more. By far, its most successful business unit still remains the telecommunication unit.

Nokia is a world class producer of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Their phones have a strong reputation when it comes to ruggedness and quality. The quality of the batteries featured on most of their mobile and smartphones makes them suitable for the Nigerian market, primarily because of the epileptic nature of power supply in the country. According to statistics from the NCC, 41.1% of Nigerian phone owners use Nokia. Another major reason the average Nigerian loves Nokia is its affordability, not many people can go for high end products. Although Nokia has some high-end products, their marketing policy has been largely tailored to cater for low income earners in this part of the world.

2. Tecno


This brand has gone completely viral in Nigeria. The Tecno wave is sweeping across the land in a country where the minimum wage is about N18,000. This Smartphone maker is basically known for its broad range of low-end mobile devices that appeals to the lowest strata of the Nigerian society. It has given most Nigerians a say in a world dominated by premium Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, and LG. According to recent statistics released by the NCC, 26.1% of Nigeria phone users own a Tecno phone. Most of these phones were largely smartphones, and their feature phones (non smartphones) are being phased out as we speak. The major advantage going for Tecno is that it has succeeded in controlling the low-end mobile market with smartphones capable of running the Latest Android Operating System. Their Smartphones are quite durable and are giving the Top-dogs a run for their money.

3. Blackberry


Surprisingly, Blackberry comes third in the list of top mobile brands used in Nigeria. At first, Blackberry’s entry into the Nigerian mobile market was welcomed by the elite and was largely used as the unofficial benchmark for standard of Living in Nigeria. In the past, you were perceived as rich or at least influential, if you own and use any of the Blackberry brand. The Nigerian market contributes a huge chunk to Blackberry’s global sales and profit, because we tend to attach so much importance to foreign luxurious smartphones, and it smacks of inferiority complex on our part. According to statistics release by the NCC, 12.1% of Nigeria phone users own a blackberry. That percentage may seem small, but the numbers may well run into millions, taking into cognizance the number of phone owners in the country.

4. Samsung

Samsung, not wanting to be left out of the cake, comes fourth in the list of top mobile brands used in Nigeria. Samsung is seriously responding to market threats coming from Tecno and other Smartphone manufacturer by unveiling a broad array of low end devices. Samsung has both the high and Low end products, which gives it a strategic advantage that appeals to the various social classes in the Nigerian society. According to statistics emanating from the NCC, 8.2% of Nigerian Smartphone users own a Samsung phone. This percentage is quite fair, considering the recent influx of low end smartphones into the country.

In Conclusion, these are the top brands used by average Nigerians. Clearly, Nokia has a foot hold of the Nigerian mobile market, but Tecno is speedily stepping in to usurp Nokia as Nigeria’s number one choice. However, the fortunes of Blackberry are dwindling in recent times due to corporate issues, nevertheless, many people still respect them for their brand. Samsung is doing quite well in the Nigerian market, but will have to go the extra mile in other to occupy, at least, any of the first two positions.


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