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Top 5 Celebrity Pre-Wedding Photos Of The Year 2016

Kunbi Oyelese and Lanre Tomori White Wedding
Kunbi Oyelese and Lanre Tomori White Wedding image source:

2016 has had its fair share of beautiful, well-taken photos and while every pre-wedding photo session couldn’t have been documented, quite a lot of them have been shared, reshared and admired online all year long.

Pre-wedding pictures are things of beauty and we totally, totally, love them when they are brillantly done.

Here, we list five incredible pre-wedding pictures that have been shared at some point on Pulse Weddings.

Perfect romantic scenery for Emma-oh-my-God and his Yetunde Shode

1. Emma oh my God

Comedian Emma-oh-my-God’s November  wedding with Yetunde Shode was preceded by some very beautiful pre-wedding pictures.

The couple’s pictures shot against the backdrop of a bridge are really superb.

Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi's pre-wedding picture
Kunbi Oyelese and Lanre Tomori

2. Kunbi Oyelese

Designer Kunbi  Oyelese’s August 2016 wedding was a grand fairytale and was preceded by some amazing pictures.

One of them is this wide shot which shows the couple snuggled up perfectly in a cubicle.

Sonia Ibrahim in stunning pre-wedding photos
Sonia Ibrahim's pre-wedding picture
Sonia Ibrahim in stunning pre-wedding photos

3. Sonia Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress Sonia Ibrahim also makes this list for some of the terrific shots she released before wedding  her military officer boo on July 23, 2016.

There were shots against the setting sun, another one of the couple in an embrace and flashing smiles that even the night could not dim.

This particular shot of them locking fingers and laughing joyously is totally delightful, as is the super-fine snap taken from a rear angle, showing the groom holding his bride-to-be tenderly.

Seun Akindele, Taun release pre-wedding photos

4. Seun Akindele

Nollywood actor Seun Akindele and his bride, Toun are the perfect picture of infectious happiness in this picture.

Just look how their faces lit up in child-like excitement!

Toolz and Tunde Demuren pre-wedding picture

5. Toolz

OAP Toolz and Tunde Demuren had one heck of a wedding ceremony in Lagos and Dubai.

For their pre-wedding shots, the couple felt a hangar would be the best spot and they proceeded to have some nice pictures taken in and around a plane.

Here is this amazing one, shot as the couple stride hand in hand towards the camera, looking at each other adoringly with a smile on their faces.

The Princess and the Captain!


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