Top 6 Statements Buhari Made During Presidential Media Chat

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday held a media chat with Nigerians. Here are 6 top statements he made during the session:

“Fashola was not made a super Minister for nothing.”

“At present, those suspected of being corrupt are innocent until they are proven guilty. We have documents showing where monies have been lodged.”

“I have declared my assets four times in the past. You have the constitutional right to go to the relevant government agency to go and seek for it.

“I cannot make the mistake of appointing anyone with corruption. Whoever is found to be corrupt would not only be sacked but prosecuted.”

“If this thing (suicide bombing) continues, Hijab would have to be banned.”

“I will not support devaluation of the Naira. I need to be convinced that there is need for the country to devalue the Naira


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