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Top 7 Best Private And Government Hospitals in Nigeria

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You will definitely agree with me that the Nigeria health sector has been seriously dilapidated and this has really debilitated the well-being of average Nigeria.

Though our government are really trying to mitigate this national eyesore, through the infrastructural development in the health sector, both at state and federal level.

However, if you visit the hospital on a daily basis, you would notice the crowd of patients, trooping in with one or more health issues. Some are indoor nursing their illness due to probably poverty because it is a major concern in this context.

The bottom line is the health sector are being recuperated but large number of Nigerians are sick, why?

This is because the pathogens, disease causing organisms, are still lingering joyously in our environment; our environment is squalid, unkempt but the health centers are upgraded. It is a one sided development and to eradicate diseases, it requires a two-sided development- the health sector and the environment. This is because people live in the environment and not the health centers.

Nigeria is one of the countries with the most sophisticated hospitals of international standard, this is laudable effort by our government to ensure we are all safe and free from any disease infection.

There are primary health centers to cater for the health needs of small hamlets or town and also the general hospital; where the primary health centers refer to in case of any critical condition. The general hospital is a specialized hospital with modern health facilities to save life and restore hope.

Not all cases are referred to the general hospital, the primary health centers are designated to attend to casual or less important health issues. The function of the general hospital is to tackle critical health issues that can claim the life of the victim. So often times, the general hospitals are more equipped and sophisticated than the primary health centers; the primary health centers on the other hand are more than the general hospital in population. Both health institutions work hand-in-hand to save life of the populace.

The increasing population of Nigeria has warranted increase in the number of health institutions but the inability of the government to provide surplus health institution has necessitated the need for private hospitals. Private hospitals are own solely by individuals and have two objectives.

One is common to the government hospital with is providing adequate health facilities to save life and the other is to make profit. This is where most people have issues with the private hospitals as one has to pay through the nose to get adequate medical care. This has restricted the rich to the private hospital limiting the masses to the general hospitals.

However, among all the hospitals in Nigeria; below is the list of top notched hospitals, equipped with modern health facilities to cater for the well-being of the citizens at large:

  1. The Lagoon State Hospital.

This hospital is  a Government owned hospital situated in the city of Lagos, it is among the top 10 best hospitals in Nigeria, it offers adequate and comprehensive medical services with specialist attention in several areas of medical practice such as Internal medicine, pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, hematology, cardiology as well as thoracic surgery.

The Lagoon Hospitals provides 52 in-patient rooms, two operating theatres, 6 equipped Intensive Care Units, a 24-hour laboratory service, an adequately stocked Pharmacy, a spacious outpatient department, a Radiology department comprising MRI and CT scan machine as well as other specialist services. All these facilities and services are present in the Headquarter of the Hospital.

  1. Reddington hospital

Reddington Hospital is one of the top notched hospitals in Nigeria today. It is a private hospital situated in Lagos, Nigeria. The hospital is equipped with sophisticated medical facilities; it offers various medical services but more specialized in cardiovascular services, they offer treatment and management of heart related issues. Other health services rendered are: radiology, general surgery, urology, ante-natal care, diabetes management amongst others.

It is facilitated with modern in-patient rooms, general surgery theaters, a well-stocked Pharmacy as well other essential medical amenities.

  1. EKO hospital

The Eko Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Africa; it is a public hospital, established with the view to providing excellent medical care at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The medical personnel working in the hospital are well trained on their respective field. The hospital has modern specialization units equipped with modern medical facilities in all; the medical services offered in this hospital are: Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Ophthalmology, Electro Encephalography (EEG) Endoscopy, CT-Scanning, Radio-diagnosis, Radiotherapy and Effective Investigative Laboratory.

It can boast of a 130-bed inpatient facility at its headquarters in Ikeja, a 40-bed facility at Surulere and an Ambulatory Clinic in Ikoyi. To add to its prestige, The Eko Hospital also holds the singular honour of being quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  1. St. Nicolas hospital

St. Nicolas hospital is a catholic owned hospital situated in Victoria Island, Lagos, to render adequate health care services for the masses. St. Nicholas Hospital is a renowned hospital known for its premium care and treatment. It is equipped with modern medical facilities and equipment that facilitates the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer amongst others. It has specialist units such as MRI and CT scan units, Effective Investigative Laboratory and Radiotherapy.

  1. First consultant hospital

First Consultants Hospital is one of the leading private hospital in Nigeria, it is another top notch health institution that renders excellent medical services. First consultant hospital staffs are well trained and qualified personnel, the hospital is equipped with modern medical facilities. It specializes in pediatric and obstetrics.. This hospital has won  lots of accolades by the virtue of its professional handling of the first case of the Ebola virus.

  1. Lagos university teaching hospital (LUTH)

This hospital is one of the best teaching hospital in Nigeria, it was established by the central Government to train medical students in various fields of medicine and surgery and also provide myriad of medical care services, which include the diagnosis, management and treatment of Diseases. This hospital houses top profile medical specialist in various medical field, they include Consultant, Senior Registrar, Junior Registrar, House Officer. The nurses in the system are brilliant nurses from renowned school of nursing. This health institution has the most knowledgeable professionals in their respective field of medical services.

This hospital can boast of modern medical facilities such as Intensive Care Units(ICUs), Radiology department, Blood and Hematology  amongst others. This indeed is one of the prides of our country.

  1. Parklande hospital

This hospital is one of the best specialist hospital equipped with sophisticated medical equipment. It is situated in surulere, Lagos state. It has well equipped operating theatre where all kinds of surgery can be carried out. The following health facilities are available in Parklande hospital: Laparoscopy, diathermy machine, anaesthetic machine, Hysteroscopy and colposcopy. All for the provision of quality and adequate health services.

These are the top health institutions where life are reclaimed and quality health services are rendered.

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