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BIG BOYS: 7 Highest Paid Nigerian Footballers in 2015


Let’s take a look at the priciest Nigerian footballers – the ones you hear about every day and some relatively new names. We will be moving towards the highest paid footballers, and start with a relatively small amount of £1 million a year.

Super Eagles midfielder, Kalu Uche, is the first one on our list, making £1.04m a year. He showed himself being a desired footballer back in 2012, when he got £630,000 – half of his transfer fee to Kasimpasa, Turkey, from Espanyol. This was made according to the previous agreement he had with the Espanyol club, made on his free transfer from Swiss club Neuchatal Xamas.



With an annual wage of almost £2 million pounts, Joseph Yobo is one of the most noticeable players on the list. He is known to have scored this amount at least twice, at Everton where he was earning £1,974,000 a year, and then as he was transferred to Fenerbahce he started earning £1.8m, which was even more as he didn’t have to pay 35% taxes anymore.


The player that could have made it to the top of the list and appeared at its mere beginning isVictor Moses. Having gained almost £9 million at joining Chelsea, Moses unfortunately had to move forward and joined Liverpool on much smaller salary, of £55,000 a week (£2.5 a year).


Nonetheless, John Utaka denied all the rumours of earning £80,000 a week (£3.6 million a year) at Portsmouth when the club was in financial trouble, we still dared to mention this amount in our list. The footballer insists on being paid just £30,000 a week at the club, which is more than two times less than what was rumoured. In 2011 he joined Montpellier in a contract for 2,5 years for £40,000 a week, which seems to confirm that the rumours were not true.



In 2012-2013 football seasons, John Mikel Obi was the highest paid footballer with a yearly income of £4 million a year. Midfielder in the Chelsea started earning this amazing salary having signed a 5-year contract in 2012. Prior to that, his income was £2.6 million a year. According to the tax laws of the UK, however, his paycheck gets cut quite a bit, still he is among one of the highest paid players from Nigeria.

Mikel Obi is 27, and he is sure to enjoy several years of his career ahead of him. Still, football is not his only source of income, as he is a big investor in real estate and bought several mansions in Lagos, Jos and Lond, total worth approximately £4 million a year, as well as a shareholder in several top companies.

Obafemi Martins, the forward of Levante of Spain, is famous for having played for other top clubs like Birmingham City of England, Inter-Milan of Italy,Vfl Wolfsborg of Germany and Newcastle United of England and is now playing for Seattle Sounders in the US. There he became the highest paid player with a salary of £4,437,446 a year. At the moment the player if 28, he owns 2 mansions in Lagos (Victoria Garden City) with a total worth of N500m, in addition to a great house in Como, Italy, priced N800m, and several top hotels in Italy. He also donates to charity, and his recent contribution was over N400m.

Another footballer from Nigeria – Yakubu Aiyegbeni, topped Mikel’s earning by scoring a little over £5.4 million a year with a move to Guangzhou club, China. Being a very international star, there is no surprise that Yakubu Aiyegbeni made it to this list. His recent transfer to China’s club Guangzhou earned him a great amount of £100,000 weekly. He had just joined a Qatari team, for undisclosed amount, and we should probably guess the amount was not less than that.



At the top of our list is a 26-year old footballer – Brown Ideye. Super Eagles forward was recently bought for £10m transfer fee by West Bromwich Albion from Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine. An aspriring Nigerian footballer began his carreer by winning the Nigerian Premier League at Ocean Boys. After that he went to Europe and his price began rapidly going up transfer after transfer. He joined Dynamo Kiev in 2011 for £7m after being transferred from Sochaux for £4m.


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