Top 7 Nigerian Travel And Tourism Related Sites

There are several Nigerian bloggers who have dedicated their lives and digital resources to telling others about the richness of the Nigerian biodiversity, her people, her places, her natural resources, and cultural heritage. Some of their sites are x-rayed below:

1. Come to Nigeria

According to a statement on Come to Nigeria, “The concept behind came up in order to let the whole world rediscover the abundant wealth of opportunities Nigeria has to offer and to encourage tourism and its potential role as a major instrument for socio-economic development. We believe that by doing this, we will be able to open windows of opportunity not only for the locals, but also for the tourists for interaction and cultural exchange.”

You can see the site at but the mission of the site is not ended yet, according to the owners, is not an affiliate of any government ministry or private body but we wish to work with everybody to promote Nigeria’s natural, artificial and cultural attractions readily available all over the country.

The site exists for the following:

  • To promote and market Nigeria to leisure and business visitors.
  • To advocate quality improvements to tourism infrastructure and services.
  • To maximize the benefits of tourism for the improvement of the country
  • To work closely with a number of key partners to achieve our aims and objectives.

2. Nigeria Travel Digest

You can check out Nigeria Travel Digest at owned by Destination Marketing Extra Limited, or DMX, the site reveals that “Nigeria Travel Digest positions as the leading tourism news portal for Nigeria. It is purposely set up to compliment the efforts of Nigerian Governments, both Federal and States, to strengthen Nigeria’s position on the global tourism map. We are patriotic Nigerian citizens and stakeholders in Nigeria’s tourism industry.

“Simply put, our effort serves as a business that publishes information about Nigeria; what to expect when one comes to Nigeria, for business or leisure. And developments in Nigeria’s tourism and travel industry as they relate to investments, aviation, maritime, hospitality, government policy, destination trends and directory of leading organizations. We have put this web site together in an easy-to-understand way to assist foreign tourists and business travellers in planning their visit to Nigeria.”

3. Travelstart Nigeria
You can visit Travelstart Nigeria at It was established by Stephan Ekbergh and started as a travel agency in 1999 in Sweden, but today has an annual sales of €4 million. Today it operates in 10 countries worldwide with 182 employees worldwide.

4. Jovago
Jovago is largely known for hotel bookings and flight reservations and car hire among others, but it is also largely a business with great interest in travel and tourism. You can see their site here at where you will appreciate some of their experience in the tourism industry across Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

5. Nigerian Arts and Culture Directory
The Nigerian Arts and Culture Directory is an arm of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism and can be accessed at The ministry was carved out from the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture and the Federal Ministry and Commerce and Tourism – during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in June 1999.

The mission of the ministry is to promote the nation’s rich cultural heritage through identification, development, marketing of the diverse cultural and tourism potentials. It also exist to formulate and implement policies aimed at diversifying the economy and placing it on the path of sustainable growth and development.

According to information on its website, the mandate of the ministry is to “promote Culture and Tourism as a foreign exchange earner, income distributor, major employer of labour, a catalyst for rural development / poverty reduction and fostering peace. Thus, through cultural tourism, the Ministry will undertake practical steps towards harnessing the nation’s cultural and tourism potentials with the aim of ensuring that tourism contributes a minimum of 4% of the GDP at any time in point as against the current level of 0.95% of our GDP.”

6. Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation
You can access their website at where they promote tourism and travel in Nigeria, as well as culture and local festivals. All there is to know about places of interest in Nigeria can be found on their site and they are the go-to when it comes to quality information about travels and tourism in Nigeria. The corporation is currently headed by Mrs. Sally Mbanefo.

7. Nigerian Bulletin
Nigerian Bulletin is a top news hub in the Nigerian cyberspace with up-to-date, breaking news in politics, sports, business, entertainment, health, technology, and money among others; but it has an active travel section that features articles on travel, tourism, flights, vacations, and cultures among others. You can access this section by visiting


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