Here Are The Top 7 Ways To Be A Perfect Wedding Guest

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Weddings are exciting and fun for everybody, and they also provide opportunities for family and friends to reunite and celebrate together.

However, some wedding guests sometimes turn these special moments into disasters with their unrealistic demands and fussy behaviour, thereby stressing the hosts.

Here are seven ways to to be a perfect wedding guest:

  1. Offer to help with work, but don’t overdo it and take things from their hands, thereby spoiling their plans and preparations. While some people have a habit of simply putting their feet up and doing nothing, some others can come across as extremely pesky and interfering. Try to strike a good balance.

  2. Wait for the food to arrive and respect their timings instead of helping yourselves to everything before time. That would make you look like a glutton, and it’s a bad image to project of yourself.

  3. Caterers generally have contracts with the hosts, and the food is charged per plate. Avoid changing plates for various courses, since your change of plate could cost them extra expenses which aren’t planned for.

  4. Be accommodating – this doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through extra discomfort, but make sure you don’t throw unnecessary fits and tantrums at the smallest thing or cause a scene.

  5. Genuinely enjoy the wedding , the hosts have been through so much to ensure that you have a good time there. So make sure you do and make use of everything they have set up for you – nothing would make them happier than knowing that you have thoroughly enjoyed their preparations.

  6. Don’t forget to show some love and gratitude at the end of it all.

  7. It’s also good manners to go to the ceremony with a gift for the newlyweds. This shows that you wish them well, and also that you appreciate them inviting you.

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