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Top 8 Coldest States In Nigeria During Harmattan

Nigerians during this weather out rightly have a physical affection for their bed, particularly in the morning. They feel lazy to get out of bed because of the coolness of the wind. Therefore, harmattan in Nigeria make people do what they will not do ordinarily any other time of the year. They tend to kit up in cardigan, head warmer, socks and scarfs for warmth. They even become lovers of tea, People do funny things to protect themselves during harmattan.

Here are 8 Nigerian states that feel the coldness of harmattan.

1. Enugu

Harmattan in Enugu is usually experienced at the lasting few weeks of December and January. The weather is usually around 25°C, the air is filled with dust and it brings harshness to the skin. You see ladies wearing socks on any of their outfits to prevent their skin from the harshness of the weather and a thich outfit to prevent the cold.

2. Sokoto

The weather in the state during the harmattan period is always cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. As hot as Sokoto could be during the year, harmattan could cause its temperature to be as low as 19°C. The intensity of coldness within those few hours in the morning will make you appreciate the importance of shelter. If you step out of your room at this time you will hear blowing in a rush like it’s going to get you off balance.

3. Ekiti

This western state in Nigeria, Ekiti has other communities like Ado-Ekiti, Ikere-Ekiti, Aramoko-Ekiti, Omuo-Ekiti that can relate with the coldness of harmattan. As at today its weather reads 23°C. Some of these communities which are dominated by Hausa traders usually invest in tea trading for profit turnover during this period. Many people flock to tea joints early in the morning to drink hot tea and fight the cold.

4. Abuja

The capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is not exempted from the brief interlude of dusty and coldness of harmattan. The state’s weather temperature during this period is around 22°C. How beautiful and lovely would it be if snow happens to fall in a place like Abuja, lol.

5. Kaduna

Kaduna is also know with hotness and dryness climatic weather but the abrupt change in weather during harmattan will make you doubt how a place like kaduna can also be cold too. During harmattan the state’s weather early in the morning is should around 19°C. That is when koko(pap) and kose(beans cake) become their favourite meal just to drive the cold away.

6. Katsina

In recent time in Katsina state, the highest recorded temperature in December has been 39°C. The state temperature at this time of the year can also be as low as 7°C. The weather as at today reads 18°C. The harmattan period can also subject the atmosphere to foggy conditions.

7. Jos

If you visit Jos during the harmattan period, you will mistook the state for London because the coldness of the weather, it is like that of the winter. The weather temperature as at today reads 17°C. This is why Jos from colonial times till present day is a favourite holiday location for both tourists and expatriates based in Nigeria.

8. Kano

Although Kano is typically very hot throughout the year but from December through February, the city is noticeably cooler. Night-time temperatures are cool during these few months with average low temperatures of 11 to 15°C. In the weather forecast this morning, Kano’s weather reads 17°C.


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