Top Nigerian Artistes Who Have Separated From Their Producers

very man is different from the other; even identical twins. They feel things differently, see life differently and have different goals. If identical twins are different, how much more siblings, friends, and strangers who came together for the sole purpose of doing business or other purposes? In Nigeria’s music industry, we’ve seen different pairings between musicians and producers which produced several hits but went sour. In this piece, INFORMATION NIGERIA takes a look at some of these parings that went sour.


D’banj and Don Jazzy: It is save to say this is the best artist/producer pairing Nigeria has ever seen. This two made music that went viral within and outside Nigeria. They even built one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels, Mo’hits together at the time. But as good as their success story was, these two who almost started looking like brothers went their separate ways. Over the years, different reasons has emerged as to why they separated, but none has been able to console Nigerians who sourly miss the hits these two turn out effortlessly.

Wande Coal and Don Jazzy

Wande Coal and Don Jazzy: Wande Coal was one of the casualties of the Mo’hits split; though he stayed a while with Don Jazzy after the split, he ended up leaving anyways. Wande Coal has one of the coolest voices in Nigeria. Because of this, some people feel if he had stayed with Don Jazzy, his career will be a whole lot better than it currently is.


9ice and ID

9ice and ID Cabasa: The combination of these two was the rave of moment at some point until the two of them went their separate ways. Coincidentally (or not) the career of the two also took a nose dive following the separation. These two gave Nigerians several hits and left them asking for more while they both make sure there was no more coming.

ID and Olamide

Olamide and ID Cabasa: Arguably the hottest rapper in Nigeria at the moment. Olamide started off his career with ID Cabasa back in the days. The pairing between this two amazing guys produced Olamide’s first major hit, ‘Eni Duro’. But while Olamide took his career to the next level, ID decided to take it slow, withdraw a bit and assume the state of a living legend so to say (as we wish to see it).

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