Top Reasons Why ‘Yoruba Guys’ Are Referred To As Demons

yoruba guys

Here are reasons why Yoruba guys are referred to as Yoruba demons.

1. Sweet Mouth Kings: Every girl who has a Yoruba boyfriend or husband knows this is true. It is only a Yoruba guy who you would visit on the first date and next thing he would be telling you how God sent you as an angel to his life. And you know the annoying part? It usually works! They would be whispering in your ears next thing you have go and off pant.

2. Their Flirty Attitude: You see that guy looking dapper in his groom’s suit yet throwing winks at you, aunty check well, he’s probably Yoruba. Yoruba guys feel as if they are God’s gift to women, and they love to conquer, test their attractiveness.
They feel like if they are able to seduce you, it is as a result of their manliness and good looks.


3. They Are Very Smart: The average Yoruba guy is well schooled. They are the most open to new concepts and ideas. So coupled with that sweet tongue, his smartness makes sure that he gets timing right. He knows not just what to say, but how to say it. Compare it to our Igbo brothers who like feeling like action heroes. Tell an Igbo uncle you are feeling sad and his response is to dig deep into his pockets without even caring to know more.

4. They Are Industrious: Look at most top companies in Nigeria, they are being run by Yoruba men. How won’t girls fall? Banks, Oil companies, News agencies( like Nigeriana self), even our acting President is Yoruba. You can’t help but be amazed by them.

Date a Yoruba demon today, he might cheat on you but you’ll be getting yourself a great man. LOL.


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