Top Relationship Trends Of 2016

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Ghosting and icing the break-up
Social media will speed break-ups, it will become more of a relationship destroyer than enabler. According to Esther Perel, relationship expert, terms like ghosting (disappearing) and icing (manufacturing an excuse to suspend the relationship) will make it easier to escape relationship accountability.

Love communication will be more detached, as no one will want to appear too interested, too attached, or too involved.

Marriage bootcamps
Men are at a loss as to how to handle women. Indian men are taking a cue from Chinese men, who are attending workshops like ‘Understanding Women’ to avoid being left out.

As women have redefined their socio-economic roles in developing countries, men have started to feel inadequate. This year, we’ll see men sign up for boot camp-style workshops to understand women and learn how to form successful relationships.

Three day rule & mind games
Love rules will be more complex as people will use psychological strategies to either win a date, get attention or stay in control in a relationship.

There’s even a three-day rule people follow wherein one waits at least three days before calling their partner up after a date. It’s a strategy to make sure one is not seen as too clingy. The modern dating scene has also started rejecting labels like ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. People prefer keeping their relationship status as ‘non-committal’.

Digital detox for couples
New York-based therapist Ian Kerner feels if you want to have a healthy relationship with your spouse, unfriend them on facebook.

In fact, if you want to have a happy relationship, both couples should delete their Facebook accounts to free up time for each other. If couples insist on being connected, keep the comments gentle; avoid expressing negative emotions.

Psycholody Today says there is a rise in irrelationship-laced ‘holidating’. Don’t get confused. It simply means, that to save yourself from disappointments arising out of expectations, people date seriously, but avoid true intimacy.

This dating trend will be big in 2016 for singles, who want to have fun without serious commitment.


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