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Top Ten Funniest Nigerian Chat-Up Lines

You look familiar

Nigerians are very creative; they have the ability to create funny chat-up lines in a loving way. You will be surprised at how amusing they can get when they’re interested in someone and need to initiate a conversation. Some could be funny, creative, intriguing or downright annoying but at this point all they’re thinking about is how to create a common ground, approach a stranger without getting embarrassed or rejected. Here are the top ten Nigerian funniest chat-up lines that will make you laugh your heart out:

1. “You look familiar, have we met?”

You look familiar

This seems to be the most popular in Nigeria when it comes to chat-up lines. A guy walks up to you and is like “… Hey. .. You look familiar, have we met?”. ( And you’re staring blankly like …” No, I don’t think so” and he goes …”Oh common don’t tell me you can’t remember me. ..”. So in a bid to defend your memory, you oblige and chat or you really don’t care and tell the person off.

2. “Can I follow you home? ‘Cos my parents told me to always follow my dreams”

Can I follow you home

When you hear a line like this, you may be too weak to react cos you’re boiling within with laughter. All that runs through your mind could be “what the heck is he (or she as the case may be) thinking?”.

3. “Hey, you are very pretty, you look exactly like my mum”

joan gail mad men season 5

This sounds awkward because the lady does not know how the person’s mom look. However, some women may feel honoured while some maybe like .. ” What? are you alright? You wish!”

4. “Ooooo Boi! I wish I met you first”


This line is pretty famous in the circles of those who meet someone they think they like when they’re already in a serious relationship. It’s a funny way to break the ice but it works. Sometimes, It has an uncanny feel to it that can soften the other person’s disposition towards you.

5. “You’re the only egg in my roll. Without you I’m just a buns”

I wish I had met you first
Now talk about downright hilarious. Even the meanest or hardest Nigerian mind will break a smile on hearing this. The mere thought of the person trying to talk to you being a “buns” is so funny. Using this is sure to kick start your much needed chat but you’ve got to get creative to keep it going.

6. “I’m not a prophet but I can see you and I together”

funny gifs
When you hear such lines, the first thing that comes to mind will be “hmmmm, the brother’s getting all religious on me” and as funny as it may sound it, works for some people.

7. “I thought happiness starts with letter H, why does mine start with U?”

funny gifsng
How creative and smooth, when you hear such lines you just smile because you get carried away by the mind behind those words. It’s funny but cute at the same time, words like this can break any ice cold heart and get a conversation going. Besides, give the brother some credit for the pun.

8. “Does it Hurt? (What?) Falling from heaven”.

I’ve heard men use this line a lot. Its just a sweet way to tell a lady that she is an angel. It’s kind of abstract because it starts with a question – Does it hurt? It’ll definitely trigger some curiosity in the mind of the lady because it’s awkward. And the later part – falling from heaven – creates the opposite reaction because they never saw it coming. It’s an old classic pick up line that still works.

9. “Hi I’m kind of lost. please can you help me find my way to …..?”

chat-up lines

I can bet you this line has been in use for decades and till date it works. It makes you sound vulnerable and in need of help but the aim is to draw attention and start a conversation. This kind of pick of line works better in public places.

10. “Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives… He never met you!”


Talk about religious and funny, this is sure to earn you a smile from that ‘sister’ that’s got your nerves in a twist and your mind all tangled up. This type of lines that have a biblical feel to them are best tried on religious person with a sense of humour.

When it comes to chat-up or pick-up lines, you’ll hear a lot of things. However, in the mouth of the right person, a line that sounds so silly can be said in a way that will charm the other party and culminate in a lasting relationship – be it platonic or romantic. The thing is to adequately access the circumstances and environment under which you’re meeting as well as the person in question otherwise the only thing you maybe picking is a “dirty slap”.


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