8 Things You Notice On Your First Visit To Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is a tourist’s dream destination. The city has been transformed into a stunning haven for business and tourism. With a wide variety of attractions and historical landmarks, you can spend a month in the ‘Garden city and not get bored. Port Harcourt is one those places where anyone can feel at home. Even if you are visiting Port Harcourt for the first time, you are not going to miss out of the dramas that the city has to offer you. It offers boundless opportunities for unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors alike.

If you are yet to visit this multicultural city that is flourishing with affluent history and tourist attractions, here are 8 things you notice on your first visit to Port Harcourt:

1. Magnificent architecture and incredible vistas


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Port Harcourt is a city with urban pleasures; it offers a combination of outstanding architecture and incredible vistas, with natural beauty in an unspoilt coherence. The city has fascinating scenery and it’s beautiful at first sight; it gives you an amazing feeling – the kind that makes you feel like you just entered a place full of everyday fairy tale.

2. City of Hustlers

oil-refinery, Port Harcourt

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Everyone wants to have a taste of the quantum petro-dollar that comes out from Rivers state. There is no part of the city that you would not see people struggling to survive and pay off their different bills. This is one city that has a lot of smart people who can cut corners to achieve their goals. They all want to achieve a slice of the next big thing.

3. A Destination for Night Owls

The night in Port Harcourt is the beginning of another day for the residents; you cannot miss the vibrant and exciting nightlife in the city. A lot of silent places in the daytime suddenly come alive with music and activities that drag night owls from their homes to hubs, joints and hotels.

4. Luxury Lifestyle

Paragon Garden

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Port Harcourt lifestyle is  themed by entertainment, expensive houses and cars, relaxation and rejuvenation. Everyone living in the city wishes for their own piece of the oil money to build their own paradise. Port Harcourt is a dynamic business domain and a well laid back city to enjoy life. The intimidation of wealth can easily be seen around and the various classes of people can be identified within seconds.

5. Port Harcourt is not be as expensive as they say

Port Harcourt

The truth is things are not really cheap but that does not mean that Port Harcourt is notoriously expensive as rumours may have. You would notice that you can still get a lot of affordable things if you really know where to go for them.

6. The city is well laid-back

A lot of people coming here the first time may expect to find the craziness of rushing for buses or cabs. The commuters are calm and enter their choice of transport system in an orderly manner.  This trait does not end only with its transportation but in every aspect of lifestyle of the people. We bet you that some Lagosians who are fond of rushing into buses would find this strange.

7. The Traffic Gridlock

traffic, Port Harcourt

You just cannot miss the terrible traffic gridlock of this city. Some people may prefer Lagos when it comes to traffic gridlock. The reason is they can easily escape it with the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System or even the new train system that is functioning now. Not in Port Harcourt. You just have to prepare your mind to be patient and literally move a little slower than a snail especially during the rush hours; morning and evening.

8. Transportation drivers are daredevils

Impatience is the watchword for those on the road, apart from the market where everywhere looks rowdy; the major roads of Port Harcourt are filled with daredevils who have no regards to orderliness. You would notice cars comfortably climbing the pavements to run away from any looming traffic.

What are the things you notice the first time you visited Port Harcourt? Share them with us in the comment below: 

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