Trendy Traditional Hairstyles Guaranteed To Make You Glow



Didi is an ancient Yoruba braiding style. There are two types of these. They are didi adimole and didi ologede. Today is all about didi adimole which is making a massive comeback with people doing either the “Suku Adimole” style which looks like a braided bun or pineapple where the hair is braided up.

We also have Patewo Adimole and All-back Adimole in which all the hair is woven to the back, Koroba Adimole where all the hair is woven from the middle all the way down so that some face the front while others face the back with the tip knotted.image

Kojusoko Adimole is a style in which all the hair is woven facing the front. This particular style is the one our great-grandmothers used to entice their husbands in the old days.
I recently wore the didi adimole and the style I chose was the all-back style, with added extensions of my hair colour exactly.

So, what are you waiting for? Try one of these didi adimole today and trust me, it will be gorgeous on you.

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