Try This! Can You Point Out What Is Wrong With This Photo Of 6 Ladies….

At first glance, the photo below looks like a few friends sitting on a couch and posing for the camera but can you spot the gaping problem with the image?

At first glance, the photo looks innocent enough as it depicts smiling women on a couch. There are six smiling women in the photo, but for some reason, there are only five pairs of legs.

optical illusion


Internet users have been baffled by this picture as one of the women appears to have no legs.

optical illusion

One a closer look, only five pairs of legs can be spotted. Where is the sixth?

No matter how hard you look, it is impossible to figure out where her legs are. In fact, there seems to be a gap where the legs should be.

The image has been shared thousands of times and many try to figure out what is going on with the legs.

Can you work it out? Share your opinion below.


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