Trying To Conceive, Learn These 6 Things From Omotade Alalade

Fertility issues place women constantly under pressure, as if that is not enough, the society expects them to act in a certain way whether it suits them or not.

Omotade Alalade, the founder of BeiBei Haven Foundation in an interview with Punch talks about her fertility challenges and how she stayed true to herself in spite of the challenges.

Below are some lessons women trying to conceive can learn from her coping strategies;

I was in constant pursuit of happiness, so I used to pamper myself a lot. I made sure that I bought clothes in moderation, got my hair and nails done once a week and traveled with my husband. I chose to be happy and used to avoid certain events that I felt could make me sad.

I held on to God, because once you understand that you are going through something for a reason, you have to hold on to your faith to see you through.

I always stayed true to myself. If I wasn’t comfortable about anything or event, I would avoid it till I could handle it.

I learned not to let my situation define me. I chose not to put my life on hold till I had a baby. The most important thing I learned is that you are not in control of your life, God is.

Always choose to be happy in the middle of afflictions and never accept defeat. Keep trying and trying for a baby without looking back. The moment you look back, you may start to pity yourself and go down a road that’s hard to come out of.

Also, never stop learning and researching about your fertility diagnosis. Knowledge is power. No matter how bad your situation is, you are stronger than it and you will get past the trial you are in.

After dealing with infertility, I got pregnant with twins. I thought that was the end of my journey without knowing that it was just the beginning. I lost them through a late miscarriage and I almost lost my life. After that experience, I lost who I was and everything therein. I became depressed and had no one to talk to or help me get through the struggle. Eventually, I got help from someone close to home. Once I got out of my depression, I knew I had to help others. That desire was what birthed the foundation. So far, BeiBei Haven has support groups that meet at least once a month. This is where women struggling with their fertility challenges or baby loss, can meet and discuss their fears, worries and get help in a safe environment. We have raised donations to give out free treatment to 15 low-income earners. Honestly, that’s the success I’m most proud of because when I initially needed a fertility treatment, I didn’t have the funds. We have also successfully organized a pregnancy and baby loss summit with more than 300 people in attendance.



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