Twitter Reply Blockers Could Change How Users Interact on the Platform

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In a bid to promote healthy conversations on its platform, Twitter is set to rollout a new setting that will allow users restrict who could reply to their tweets. The new tool is called the Twitter conversation participants.

According to Suzanne Xie, Twitter’s director of product management who announced the feature at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the options will appear when users are composing their tweets. She also notes that the platform will start testing the tool very soon.

With 4 sets of options, the feature would let you modify and choose who can reply to your tweet. The first is the “global ” option which allows any Twitter user to reply to your tweet – like it always has been.

The second is the “group” option that limits replies to only those you follow and people you mention in the tweet. The “panel” option further limits replies by allowing only people you mentioned in the tweet to reply while the “statement” blocks all replies to your tweet.


This new tool is touted to make conversations on the platform healthier and less abusive. Especially on controversial tweets whose reply sections are often filled with hurtful statements. Other times, there are replies that don’t even relate to the tweet itself.

But with this tweak, tweet authors will be able to control their conversation space while even composing.

Twitter Conversation participants tweak could change Twitter

On the other hand, there might be some downsides to this. In the process of trying to repel trolls, users could be limiting incisive and sensible replies from strangers. And this kind of interactivity is one of the qualities that has made Twitter thrive.

Also fake news peddlers and politicians could use Twitter Conversation Participants tool to avoid dissents and scrutiny from random users.

Nevertheless, Twitter says its priorities are “health, conversations, and interests” and those are what will continue to steer its product development choices.


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