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Two Minutes Travel Guide To Kajuru Castle

Two Minutes Travel Guide to Kajuru Castle

A few Nigerians believe that Kajuru castle does not exist while others question why such a magnificent and beautiful castle is in a country like Nigeria.

One of many tourist attractions in Nigeria, this castle is Africa’s best kept secret. As usual,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking does its best to promote Nigerian destinations so we present to you a two-minute travel guide to Kajuru castle.



The foreign architecture of these awesome and incredible castle makes it unique. It was constructed by a German expert who lived in Kaduna State in 1978. The castle has a very European look which adds to its beauty which is why it is one of the most amazing destinations to visit in Nigeria.




The Castle is located in south-east Kaduna on Kachia road, Kajuru local government area. The imposing structure makes it conspicuous to all travelers. You cannot miss it. You can access Kajuru by road or by flying into Kaduna from any city in Nigeria via the Kaduna Airport.


The Castle

It is a gorgeous masterpiece with the breathtaking ambience that is sure to thrill every tourists or visitor to the Castle as there is so much to see and do but first, you would have to brave the mountain as the castle comfortably sits at the top of a rocky formation. At the end of your climb, the reward for your hard work would be a picturesque view of Kajuru village.

The castle is a private lodge that covers 360 square metres and can perfectly accommodate 12 individuals. Its features include four dungeon rooms, master’s bedroom, swimming pools and kitchen. You also have the opportunity to see a live crocodile. The mystery of the castle is still intact as a there is a secret door whose location will not be disclosed by Mr Bela Becker, the Hungarian caretaker of the castle.

Kajuru is the most appropriate place to visit for an awesome getaway, however, do not forget to pack the things you need as you cannot buy anything at the castle except adjoining villages circling the estate.

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