Unbelievable!! Lady Reveals How She Had Been Sleeping With Her Pastor And His Son

An unidentified young lady has revealed how she carried on secret romantic relationships with both her pastor and his son.

Even though the act of prostitution has been around for centuries, it is still frowned upon by the society who still sees it as a sin and not worthy of emulation. The worst part might just be a situation where it involves someone who is supposed to be a ‘man of God’, who is supposed to be the leader of his flock who should be able to use him as a worthy example.

An unashamed young lady (runs girl) shared a post revealing how she was romantically involved with her married pastor and his son.

According to her, even though the pastor later found out she was involved with his son, the son never got to know.

See screenshot below:

sleeping with pastor

Runs girl slept with father and son


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