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Understanding Pig Feed; How Pigs Eat in The Pig Farm

When it comes to how much human beings eat, it’s vary, depending on many factors… your age, your sex, the nature of your work or whether you exercise or not.

So it is with your piglets and pigs.

Some people suggest feeding your pigs twice in a day. While this may be a good standard, other factors have to be considered.

The age of your pig or piglet, the breed (specie) of your pig, amount of grass they have access to and other wild food (such as acorns) available, weather, how warm their bedding is and how much exercise they are getting.

Now, you can see how the rate and quantity of food pigs eat can vary.

But as a matter of supposition, piglets can be expected to eat 1lb of pig pellets per day for every month of their age, 2lb of pig pellets at two months, 3 lb. of pellets at three months, 4lb at four months,

Then after four months, 4lb a day should be sufficient.

Young pigs need a diet high in amino acids so that they can grow proportionately more muscle tissue, so there should be more lysine in feed for younger pigs.

After three months, young pigs could be put into adult food that will have lower levels of protein.

Too much lysine in the diet can be detrimental to growth in heavier female pigs.

Aside from concentrates (the feed you buy), you can offer your pigs other foodstuffs like grass, fruit, vegetable and other human food they eat (please, be sure they eat certain food before you`ll give them, so as not to hinder their growth… especially when they are very young)


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