USADF, LSETF Award Grants To 11 Vocational Training Centres Worth $10m


Grants have been awarded to 11 Vocational Training Centres (VCRs) in Lagos by the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), in partnership with United States African Development Foundation (USADF).

The grants were awarded after the VCRs completed a phase of the LSETF and USADF employability program called the due diligence and project development phase.

An MoU was signed by both the USADF and the LSETF in 2019 with both sides agreeing to equally facilitate the sum of 10 million dollars to help provide trade relevant skills that are globally competitive to fifteen thousand youths in Lagos over the course of the coming five years.

The partners will be disbursing 3000 dollars every year.

While speaking at the event, the Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Mrs Yetunde Arobieke, had this to say:

“We hope that beyond the total number of youth who will benefit from this program, many others will be inspired to embrace self-development based on the positive impact of this initiative, which includes the increase in market attractiveness to gain access to employment, create jobs and generate income. This strategy aligns with Lagos State’s vision of providing opportunities for young people to thrive, soar, and break frontiers.”

The vocational training centres that were awarded the grants are; House of Tara International, Universal Learn Direct Academy, AGDC Employability and Enterprise Limited, Field of Skills and Dreams Academy, HoneyTreat Trade Academy, Jenniez School of African Interior Design, Decke Vocational Academy Limited, OSC College of Fashion, Intermarc Consulting, Mods Salon and Body Refinement Limited and LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited.

Mr C.D. Glin who is the President and CEO of the United States African Development Foundation while speaking to the awarded VTCs remarked: “It is essential that the investment USADF makes in Nigeria, alongside partners such as LSETF, to address youth unemployment prioritize entrepreneurship, job creation and placement, and income generation. To the VTCs, I urge you to serve as guiding forces and mentors to these youth, impacting them beyond relevant skills as we demonstrate that perseverance coupled with profitable skills produces great results.”

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