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Va ginal Hygiene: Proven Steps To Avoid UTIs

sheisdiva.com_wp-content_uploads_2012_09_black-woman-fearA Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection anywhere in the urinary tract. The urinary tract makes and stores urine and removes it from the body. UTI don’t always cause signs and symptoms, but specialist noted that when they do, it may include:

A persistent urge to urinate, passing small amounts of urine or urine that appear cloudy, burning sensation when urinating or a sign of blood in the urine, fever, pain in the pelvic area among others.

From research, most UTIs are caused by bacteria that are already in the bladder, so flushing it out is the best way to fight this infection. You can prevent UTI If you:

Take More Fluids: We all know that when you take more fluids, it is normal to use the restroom more often. This helps to flush out your bladder periodically. Experts noted that fluid helps move things through the urinary tract, but it also dilutes the urine so bacteria can’t grow. Doctors recommend 6 to 8 cups a day.

Wipe From Front To Back: It is very important for every lady to know how to wipe the butt correctly and properly. Some just do it anyhow. Bacteria that finds its way into your urethra comes from two places, your va gina and your rectum. And if you wipe back to front, especially after a bowel movement, that is when the rectal bacteria get introduced into your va gina and urethra. Always wipe from front to back or wash the anus separately and the front separately.

Don’t Hold In Your Pee: Experts recommend you use the bathroom at least once every 4 to 6 hours, and more often about every 3 hours if you are prone to UTIs. If all of a sudden you feel the need to pee way more than usual, please see a doctor.

Don’t Douche Or Use Spray: You already know that douching is bad. Douching sends unnecessary things into your va gina. Your plan is to wash out the bad bacteria but the act can also wash out the good bacteria ‘Down There’, disrupting the natural balance and allowing more bad bacteria to grow.

Wear Breathable Underwear: Tight fabric can create a moist area that breeds bacteria, so you should probably opt for cotton undies. If you often get UTIs and think your clothing has something to do with it, then try going for 100% cotton.

Finally, If you are prone to UTIs, don’t cover up, ask your doctor about treatment options.


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