Veteran Actor RMD Celebrate His Son, Tega Mofe Damijo, As He Turns 16

One of RMD’s son, Tega Mofe Damijo- he had him with his first wife, who is now late. Recall he mentioned her in his birthday writeup days back when he clocked 56, referring to her death as a painful one?

Tega is 16 today, and proud dad, Richard Mofe Damijo came all out to celebrate him. He talked about how he was born, and the man his little boy has grown to become. Continue…

His was the first birth I witnessed. That phenomenon is amazing. I had heard of knees buckling so I was ready. I stilled myself for the moment and passed the test. I was a proud father when he was handed over to me in the very early hours of July 8th 2001. I gave him back to his mom went outside to make the calls to family and -boom- it happened. My knees buckled and I slid to d ground like a boneless bag of rags. I believe I was talking to @delemomoduovation when that happened.

That baby has grown into a fine young boy @tega_the_giant. He is kind, has generosity of spirit, wants to save the world and is the life of the party. As far as 16 year old boys go, Tega is probably the wisest and most compassionate of them all. While other teenagers are stuck on lifestyle and music channels, this one lives on Discovery, History and Animal Planet channels and comes up with the deepest, “isn’t he too young to worry about things like this” conversations. Outside of basket ball which is the center of his life, I don’t think he likes anything more than he loves dogs and animals in general and I am actually proud he intends to save the world and “all the animals in it”.馃槉

My prayer for you today son, is that you will never lose the essence of who you are and that the beauty of your heart and soul will never depart from you. Tegs, all your dreams will come true and you will be greater than any of us ever can ever think or imagine. I love you to pieces. Happy birthday son.


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