Video: After Having A Swell Time In Dubai, Little Girl Says She Does Not Want To Come Back To Nigeria Because There Is No Light

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Here’s a video of a little girl who refused to come back to Nigeria, after having a swell time in Dubai.

The little girl, identified as Anjola had celebrated her fifth birthday in Dubai, and she obviously had a splendid time, as she refused coming back to her home country.


In one of the video taken in Dubai, the little girl says she wants to remain in Dubai, and has no interest in seeing her relatives and family in Nigeria. She even said she does not want to go back to her school in Nigeria.

After they arrived Nigeria, little Anjola could be seen crying outside her Nigeria home, refusing to go in. In the video, the five-year-old was seen crying as she complained that there was no light in the house. Her mother was also heard in the background begging her to enter the house.

Watch the full video below;
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