Watch The Making of The Alleged Fire Stunt Gone Wrong…..How They Fooled Us All (Video)

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Last week, the news of Stanlee Ohikuare and his movie fire stunt gone wrong was all over the internet. However, the movie producer has released the behind the scene clips of the movie, as it was all a publicity stunt.

According to the director, Ani Iyoho was set on fire, following strict professional guidelines and he was not hurt, nor hospitalized in reality like the movie clips portrayed.

The production team revealed the publicity stunt was aimed at activating media influence and it sure did because people are now eager to see the movie that pulled off such a successful fire scene.

As part of the publicity strategy, a press release was sent to media houses on Wednesday, July 27, claiming that Iyoho was in the hospital after a fire stunt went wrong on set.

However, the director of the film Stanlee Ohikhuare released the behind the scenes video after a press conference which held on Saturday, July 30, 2016. He clears the air saying; “those emails came from us. We wanted to test the waters.”

Meanwhile, prior to the release of the movie clips, a conversation between Ani and Stanlee Ohikuare attracted attention on social media and rose suspicious as well, that it had to be a publicity stunt. Below is what Ani posted a couple of days back.

“Wrapped up on #BlurredLineshere in Accra, Ghana directed by Dickson Dzakpasu @dicksondzakpasu . I’m heading to Lagos, Nigeria tomorrow to finish the hottest scene on#behindthewheels Directed by Stanlee Ohikhuere @stanleeohikhuare.

“I call this wrap scene the #hottestbecause we will be playing with #fire. I’m about to go down in history as probably the first Nigerian to be set on fire in a#nollywood #movie #production. I’m#excited about it.

“I hope it goes well. I have a lot of faith in the #sfxmakeupartist Dorothea [email protected]_kwofie . She assures me I’ll be alright and she’s the best SFX artist I know in Africa so I believe her. Looking forward to this.”

Meanwhile, Ani Iyoho has apologized to is fans for the emotional stress and inconvenience the fire rumors might have caused them.

Stanlee Ohikuare Making of the Fire Scene


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