Wearing Nose Ring To Church Not A Sin – Actress Fadekemi Mommoh


A popular Nollywood actress, Fadekemi Mommoh has said that wearing a nose ring to church is not a sin as it has nothing to do with someone’s belief. Mommoh said, rather, people’s good deeds to their neighbours is what counts at the end of the day.

“Well, my dear, nose ring has nothing to do with our belief. Our mind, our devotion, our good deeds to our neighbours that’s what up,” she said. This was a response to a faction of her fans who would rather she didn’t wear nose ring, especially to church.

However, the actress who loves looking good sees nose ring as part of the make-ups that adds beauty to, especially her face and she has carried it for long.

It however became an issue when she revealed to her fans that she wears it to her church.


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Written by Deborah Olaniyi


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