“Weddings Don’t Always Have To Be Big And Glam” – Event Planner Says

Christiana Holt

Nigeria, India and even South Africa are known for their big, fat lavished weddings but today, renown wedding planner and designer, Christiana Holt says having a big and glammed wedding doesn’t transcend into it being the best wedding ceremony.

Christina HoltChristina Holt

Bolt, who’s CEO of Wedding Concepts, South Africa, says she’s spent most of her career years not only creating some of the most remarkable weddings in Africa and the world, but she tries to educate younger colleagues on proper and apt event planning. Saying, “weddings do not always have to big and glam but small and concise weddings” could do all there is.

“Nigerians are my favorite clients because they always go overboard when celebrating something good,” Christiana explained at the Atinuda press conference in Lagos on June 8.

“However, weddings are all about love and happiness and not necessarily about being exaggerate.”

Guest speakers for Atinuda Event Planner Atelier 2016Guest speakers for Atinuda Event Planner Atelier 2016

Christiana also shared some of the difficulties she faces when it comes to planning weddings for contemporary or today’s couples. “Social media is great but sometimes a problem for us [planners],” she said. “Some couples just want what they see on social media to be brought to reality at their own weddings not minding budget, location or weather.”

“My job is to make sure the client is satisfied but we can also say NO when we may not realize your dream wedding with the resources we have. Me saying no doesn’t have to be from a negative point of view but it also strengthens your brand and makes it more valuable.”

Seyi Olusanya, Kate Diaz, Christiana Holt and Ayiri Oladunmoye at Atinuda press conference, LagosSeyi Olusanya, Kate Diaz, Christiana Holt and Ayiri Oladunmoye at Atinuda press conference, Lagos

Christiana Bolt is joining host, Ayiri Oladunmoye (CEO OAKEN Events, Nigeria), Diann Valentine (Founder of Diann Valentine Living Well, Inc, USA) and Seyi Olusanya (CEO of Once Upon a Destination) for this year’s debut edition of Atinuda Event Planner Atelier to talk on the relevance of better event and wedding planning in Nigeria.

“Atinuda” is an indidenous Yoruba word that aptly describes something born with the bounds of creativity and is born by Ayiri Oladunmoye.


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