Weird Food Most Pregnant Nigerian Women Crave For

The joy that comes with the knowledge that one is bringing in a fresh human being into the world is one. But food cravings, morning sickness, feeling bloated and many more make the journey a little less pleasant. There have been cases where some women wouldn’t eat what they cooked in their house but would march down to their neighbour’s house to eat whatever they cook. Here are 7 kinds of foods your Nigerian wife is most likely to crave while pregnant…

Garri and groundnut: Many of them will ditch the sumptuous meal in the kitchen for a bowl of garri and groundnut. Whether it is yellow garri or Ijebu garri(depending on their preference). It shouldn’t surprise you to see them eat this more than once in a day especially during the first trimester.

Bitter kola: This might not be food but some pregnant women wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Some could make their husbands trek a thousand miles, after a very long day at work, if he forgot to buy them on his way back. Eyah!

Garden egg and groundnut: This one is like dessert but the difference is, while desserts come after major meals these ones are eaten in between meals through the day.

Ice cream. The cool, creamy texture is a preferred craving and the variety of flavours such as chocolate, mint and cookie dough as well as toppings including dried fruit and nuts are often irresistable for pregnant women.

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Fruit and even vegetables: From watermelons to oranges to pineapples, to Efo and salad. the cravings for these are endless. Good part is, they not only good for moms-to-be  but good for their baby too.

Chips: Whether it is plantain or potatoes, with the crunchy and salty taste, many pregnant women just crunch away the stress of pregnancy.



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