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All That Went Down At The Ibadan Mindset Makeover 2017

Ibadan Mindset Makeover, Mrs. Oyenike Adeleke, Mr. Tunji Babajide, Mrs. Oyenike Adeleke and Mr. Tunji Babajide,

Article and reporting by HowNigeria (A Jetheights Subsidiary)

The Ibadan Mindset Makeover is an event that brought entrepreneurs across the city of Ibadan together. The event saw a host of top motivational speakers in Nigeria as it guest speakers. Also, top Ibadan-based comedians like Peteru, Asiri, Shete and a host of others were present at the event. The programme was organized by Mrs. Oyenike Adeleke and it was aimed at changing the mindset of Ibadan people.


The convener, Mrs. Oyenike Adeleke

In an exclusive interview with Jetheights, Mrs. Oyenike Adeleke, the convener of the programme spoke about changing the way people do things and business in Ibadan. The programme was divided into 2 sessions which saw a host Ibadan entrepreneur gathered together to learn how they can move the ancient city to the next level. The first session was based on changing the mindset of the entrepreneur and turning them to a changed agent that will create the new Ibadan which we are taking about.


The catalyst, Mr. Lanre Olusola on red carpet


During this session, the first speaker, Mr. Jimi Tewe, spoke about 2 major faculty of life which are memory and imagination. He said, all what the participants need is to imagine how they want their future to look like, then work towards it. Money shouldn’t be the start-up goal but participants should work towards having the right people at the right time. The mindset, sense of reasoning and decision making of the participants will determine how far they will go in life, he said.

If your mind is set low, you will see low but if your mind is set high, you will see high – Mr. Jimi Tewe

Mr. Jimi also stated some areas in which people can invest in e.g. Agriculture, Education, Manufacturing, Alternative Energy and HR Consulting. He educates all participates on how they can venture into those areas of businesses.

The second speaker, Mr. Tunji Babajide, spoke about the causes of our limitation in business. He started by highlighting those causes that hinder people from attaining the height they wish to have found themselves in the sphere of life.

He advised all the participants to forget about their background and change their associate i.e looking for those that can mentor them through the right path. During his session, a slogan for the new Ibadan spring out, “that was then, this is NOW.” He told the participants to be using the slogan whenever people talks about Ibadan in a negative way.


The evening session saw the catalyst himself, Mr. Lanre Olusola, a life coach and renowned motivational speaker dishing out ideas on how to survive the difficulties of starting your own business. He started by asking the participants what and why they’ve come for the program and what they stand to gain from his teaching. The speaker also gave a practical illustration on how tedious it could be to venture into a business and be successful at it.



Mr. Lanre Olusola made some deductions from his illustration where he used two men, blindfolded them and asked to walk from the podium (front stage) to the exit door without touching any person or thing.  Some of the deductions made from the illustration include the following:

While venturing into a business:

  •  The rules of engagement will sure change and as a prepared business person, you must flexible enough to adapt to the changes.
  • In any field of endavours or business, always take your time to do a proper study, have a broad knowledge of the business you are about to venture into.
  • Learn on the go, you’ve got to pick a new strategy, that will make you standout, don’t do the same way everyone does.
  • When you want to make correction, learn from your mistake, you can’t be repeating the same procedure and expect a different result.
  • Practice makes perfection, if you keep doing the wrong thing, you will keep getting the wrong thing and wrong result.

Mr. Olusola concluded his lecture by asking all participants to change their mindset of old believes by practically creating an invisible four boxes and allowed them to be pushed by the will of new believes, which is ‘to having an orientation that they are a product of success’ and are only moved by ‘success will’ at all time. Participants were given room for question and answer. All questions asked were treated and satisfactorily answered by the speaker.


Awards were also presented to the deserving awardees for their support towards promoting entrepreneur in Ibadan. Among them were Pastor Adeleke, Roy Ige, Ynorth Wears, Don Tee, Dexterity event etc. The three speakers were also presented with awards respectively for taking their time to educates all participants of the new Ibadan.

See more photos below:



Jetheights CEO, Mr. Ayo Alex Alao on red carpet


The convener, Mrs. Oyenike Adeleke exchanging pleasantries with the catalyst, Mr. Lanre Olusola


L-R: The Catalyst, Husband of the convener, Pastor Adeleke and Mr. Tunji Babajide


L-R: The CEO of Jetheights, Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, Mr. Lanre Olusola, Jetheights CEO’s Wife, Mrs Alao 





The catalyst, Mr. Lanre Olusola



Jetheights CEO, Mr. Ayo Alex Alao and his beautiful wife






L-R: The CEO of Jetheights, Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, The Convener, Mrs. Adeleke, Jetheights CEO’s Wife, Mrs Alao 


The convener, Mrs. Adeleke presenting an award to the catalyst


The convener, Mrs. Adeleke presenting an award to Mr. Jimi Tewe


The convener, Mrs. Adeleke presenting an award to Mr. Tunji Babajide


L-R: Pastor Adeleke receiving his award from the catalyst


L-R: Roy Ige receiving his award from one of the guest speakers, Mr. Jimi Tewe





Jetheights CEO, Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, his beautiful wife and Jetheights Crew










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