What Do The Different Branding Colors Mean?

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Choosing your branding colours is easy if you know what you’re trying to communicate. The first step you need to take in choosing your brand colour is understanding what you are trying to communicate, what is your brand personality?. Think of your company like a person, who are they, what attracts them, and what is important to them.

Once you have established what your brand personality goals are, then you can determine the most suitable colour that communicates that.

This can be easily achieved by first understanding the emotional association of each colour.

In this post, we’ve shared with you the common branding colours and what they mean.

So, read on to learn😊

Red — Red stands for passion, excitement and anger. It can signify importance and command attention.
Orange — Orange stands for playfulness, vitality and friendliness. It is invigorating and evokes energy.
Yellow — Yellow evokes happiness, youth and optimism, but can also seem attention-grabbing or affordable.
Green — Green evokes stability, prosperity, growth and a connection to nature.
Light Blue — A light shade of blue exudes tranquillity, trust, openness. It can also signify innocence.
Dark Blue — Dark blue stands for professionalism, security and formality. It is mature and trustworthy.
Purple — Purple can signify royalty, creativity and luxury.
Pink — Pink stands for femininity, youth and innocence. It ranges from modern to luxurious.
Brown — Brown creates a rugged, earthy, old-fashioned look or mood.
White — White evokes cleanliness, virtue, health or simplicity. It can range from affordable to high-end.
Gray — Gray stands for neutrality. It can look subdued, classic, serious, mysterious or mature.
Black — Black evokes a powerful, sophisticated, edgy, luxurious and modern feeling.

Now you have an idea of the effect your colour selection can have on the voice of your brand. Keep in mind that the effect of your branding colours depends on the style and design they are used in, as well as the colour combinations you choose.

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