What Nigerians Are Saying About Faith Oyedepo’s Controversial Testimony

Faith Oyedepo

A testimony provided by Faith Oyedepo, wife of the Living Faith Church Worldwide’s founder, has ignited a debate on social media.

Faith described on Tuesday how she witnessed blood streaming from her nearly four decades ago when pregnant with her first baby and then informed her husband she “had a miscarriage.”

David Oyedepo, she alleged, brazenly told her that “you can’t have a miscarriage” before demanding to be given his dinner.

Faith said her husband’s statement “activated the spirit of faith and the pregnancy was sustained.”

Her tweets were aimed at Christians; to ensure their faith in God is very strong if they desire to enjoy miracles on daily basis.

The testimony was, however, met with varying reactions on social media platforms, especially Twitter.

While some users argued with the fact of the testimony, others agreed with her ideology about faith in God.

A section of users also responded with sarcasm.

“Faith Oyedepo composed her tweet happily and tweeted. She is mesmerized by her husbands level of faith, she didn’t take his actions to be ignorance or wickedness,” a user wrote.

“The only mistake is, she thought twitter NG will see things the way she sees it.”

Another user added: “Let them drag away. That’s how we spread the word of faith.”

Here are some of the reactions below:


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