What Nigerians Need To Know About The New Passport With Image of Herdsmen and Cattle

A cross-section of Nigerians have reacted to the image of a herder and his cattle on Nigeria’s new passport.

The new passport which was posted online by Apostle Suleman had an inscription of a herder and his cattle on it.

This has since generated reactions from Nigerians online as they called out President Muhammadu Buhari over ‘alleged fulanisation’ agenda.

However, a Nigerian, Mike Ikem Umealo has schooled the citizens on everything they need to know about the new passport.

Read his piece below:

The Nigerian international passport has 32 and 64 pages. The languages of the Nigerian passport are both in English and French as printed and can be seen on the data page.

By the way, I am sure that all of you sharing that single page with cows and a herdsman have no idea that there are only four primary passport colors in the world, and each country has its own reasons for choosing one of these colors. The colours are Blue, Red, Black and Green. If this information is new to you, oya smile!!!
Nigeria like so many other countries across the globe chose green.

Most countries with historical or current communist system have red passports. And nearly all EU countries have the red, some with a shade of burgundy. 
Blue is the next most common color. The blue color symbolizes the “new world.” And in 1976, the biggest holder, the US changed its colour to blue. The blue is also in different shades.

The next is green cover. While green is a symbol of nature and life, and while most Muslim countries have green passports, Mexico which is not a muslim country also has the green passport. There are also other non Muslim countries with the green cover. It is therefore not an Islamic colour.

The countries with black passport covers are few. The most prominent amongst them are , Angola and New Zealand. But Citizens of New Zealand have black passport covers because black is the country’s national color and not because it is a black country; it is not.

So please stop sharing the second picture of a page in the Nigerian passport showing a cow and a herdsman as part of “the islamisation agenda of Buhari’s regime.” The Nigerian passport has features of at least 15 of the major tribes in Nigeria celebrating their cultures and ways of life across the globe.

Let us get serious.

Those who started the campaign by sharing that one page depicting cows and a herdsman knew that the majority of Nigerians from the more ignorant quarters will share it are indeed having a laugh. And it may as well have come from the stable of those you call your enemies; they are probably testing the microphone on your level of stupidity. I am not joking. 

Buhari is not even a true follower of Mohammed or Islam like former presidents Shehu Shagari and Yar’Adua. So let us remain focused. 

The struggle is for good governance and against a government that has shown by thoughts and deeds that it is inherently ignorant, incompetent and incapable of uniting the ethnic differences by respecting the one thing that unites us and initiating its amendment- the constitution.

By Mike Ikem Umealo


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