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What To Do When Life Is Out Of Control

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I think it’s ironic that God makes himself the Lord over the two things in our lives we can’t control: our birth and our death.

And sandwiched between these two most important events is what we like to call life. And for some reason we fear that God won’t take care of that too.

The bible says in Matthew 7, that God is a Good Father who gives Good gifts to his children.

Today I want to share with you how one of God’s greatest supports to us is Him being in control when we feel out of control.

When You Let Go, God Holds On For You.

We learn the power of scripture when we are broken and we need to be filled. Having had a rough go with depression, I remember a time in life where I thought I was losing my mind. When people asked me to describe it, I told them that it was like hanging on to a cliff-face by my fingernails. In that time God led me to an amazing scripture and gave me the coolest picture of what his loving control looks like when I am out of control. “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble”. Psalm 9:9It’s like before I only saw me hanging on, but what I couldn’t see was God attached to my harness, holding on to the cliff when I had no more strength too. It’s only when I let go, and was still there, that I realized God’s power in my life!

What About The Seasons Where You Can’t Hear, See, Feel or Sense God’s Presence?

There are going to be those seasons. You’ll feel distant, disconnected, and all alone. But you have to keep in mind that Jesus felt the same way on the cross, and in this place, God still was sovereign, He had a beautiful plan. And that plan was YOU. Can you imagine his heart swelling with pain and love all at the same time. He loved you and cared for you so much that He gave away His son for you. When those times come you have to realize that God hasn’t left you.
When I couldn’t see the sun (Jesus), I could still see his light reflecting off all the people around me. They became my moon, my light that guided me through the dark times.

Ask This

Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of times when the Father reached out to you. The Holy Spirit can give you a pathway to know His Father’s Heart for you through those challenging life experiences!
Maybe you were able to overcome in Christ the missing pieces of your childhood, Maybe a mentor, coach, teacher or family friend stopped in and cared for you. All that is God too! Don’t forget sometimes His plan is to use others and that in that time He is giving you a part of Himself He already deposited in another person!

I’ll End With A Prayer

Maybe today you are realizing that you can’t do this thing on your own anymore. All of us will come to this point one way or another. Maybe today you’ve been hiding, feeling ashamed for things you’ve done afraid that God doesn’t want you or that you are too far gone, thats not biblical. In John 6:37 it says that God will never turn away or reject anyone who comes to Him. And 1 John 1:9 says, “If you ask for forgiveness you will not only be forgiven but cleansed.” Its like all your past mistakes, fears, guilt, regret, is washed down a drain. Or maybe like me you are dealing with pride! You have not allowed God in because He has to perform the miracles you desire first. Friends, the bible says today, not tomorrow is the day of salvation! Today is a day of Grace, God is a good Father with His arm open wide to receive you!

Let’s Pray

Father, I receive your love. I choose to open up and I ask you to forgive me. My life is out of control and I realize I can’t do this on my own. Come and be my sanity. Wash me clean and make me new. Into your hands I commit my life and my spirit. I accept the loving substitution of Jesus for my sins. I acknowledge that you want me to feel loved, to be in your family and to be love to others. I accept your invitation of salvation today! In Jesus name, Amen.



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