What To Know About Globus Bank, the New Commercial Bank Leveraging Technology to Make Banking Easier and Faster

Globus Bank

Globus Bank Limited, a new commercial bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), started operations earlier in November.

The new entrant into the banking industry aims to be the leading digital bank by leveraging technology to deliver exceptional services.

After its launch, Globus Bank unveiled its mobile app and announced that customers could sign-up and get their personal account numbers to start banking faster and safer in 2 mins.

Creating a personal bank account with the app was fast and easy. After downloading the Globus Bank app from Google Playstore, a ‘Get Started’ button takes the user to the request page to create a bank account number.

With just BVN, you can create a personal bank account on the Globus app

With a personal Bank Verification Number (BVN), a user can either enter their preferred account or select the random number generated by the app.

Screenshot 20191129 143527
Globus app allows you to choose your account number

The generated account number is then entered to access the personal info page where the preferred username, password and email address is requested. Thereafter, a page where transaction pin and other security questions are requested pops up.

Screenshot 20191129 143917
the app request a specialized username and password to secure the account

After providing all the necessary information, users can access their bank accounts from their device. From the app, users can spend up to N20,000 daily, receive deposits of up to N50,000 at a time and hold up to N400,000 in their account.

However, for pin transaction a daily limit of N200, 000 was set and a profile verification using the code sent to a user’s registered number is also requested.

Screenshot 20191129 144454
you can spend up to 20,000 daily on the Globus app

Reviews from users of the app show that they found it easy to create their own accounts.

After opening an account, it can be upgraded to allow for a higher volume of transactions by providing Customer Signature, Identification Card, Passport Photograph and Utility Bill.

Screenshot 20191129 144313
Outstanding documents must be uploaded to upgrade the bank account

Navigating the bank app was easy. It contained features like send money and send feedback and manage profile. The send money feature allows money transfer to other banks by entering the account number and bank. It also had features to save account as beneficiaries.

Screenshot 20191202 075632
Bank name and the account number is required to transfer money on the app

Apart from bank transfers, the app offers innovative products like payment of bills, purchase of airtime tailored to the needs of users.

Screenshot 20191202 075715
The app has features to allow users to pay for cable and electricity

Also, the app provides easy access to realtime information on transaction history and bank statement.

Screenshot 20191202 075811
The app provides real information on transactions

The Globus Bank is headquartered at No. 6 Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. According to Mr Elias Igbinakenzua, CEO of the bank’s four branches they are almost ready to kick things off and should have about 20 next year.

The Bank has raised about N30bn since inception and has plans to hit about N50bn in the next 18 months according to Igbinakenzua.

With its innovative and easy to use bank app, Globus Bank is making customer banking easier by making it possible to create a bank account from anywhere using technology.


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