What You Need To Know About Ohum (Awhum) Waterfall And Caves

Indeed, the waterfall is unique for its peculiarity; humbling for its dignified peacefulness, and mysterious for its miraculousness.

In the spirit of tourism, we shall today concern ourselves with one of the most unique, humbling, and mysterious tourist centres in Nigeria- Ohum (Awhum) waterfall.

Ohum waterfall, which is officially known as Awhum waterfalls, is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu state.

The valley town which also boasts of numerous pristine lakes, some of them with beautiful white sand beaches is located about 24 kilometers from Enugu and it is bounded on the north by Okpatu, in the east by Nike, in the south by Ukana and in the west by Egede communities.

But, separating the town of Awhum from her bounded communities are beautiful rolling grassy hills, majestically adorned in green.

Also, the mystic auras from Awhum’s caves emits on her a unique kind beauty.

However, the graceful Awhum waterfalls was birthed as a result of massive outcrop of granite rock with water cascading over the top, forming a stream.

The waterfall is 30 metres high and it is famed to have both healing powers and the capability of dispelling satanic or evil forces. It is for these reasons the falls have become a place of Christian pilgrimage and a prayer centre.

Amazingly, a section of the waterfall stays warm throughout the seasons.

What is the weather condition at Awhum’s waterfall?

It mostly rains from April to September, it is dry from December to March. The average daytime temperature is 28 degrees and the night time temperature is 23 degrees.

And, in terms of safety, Awhum’s waterfall is a safe location for tourists.

Things to do at Awhum’s waterfall

Hotels around Awhum’s waterfall

1. Mzansi  lounge ( now Henry’s lounge).  Trans Ekulu           

2. HSB Hotel. Trans Ekulu                                                     

3. Caesar’s Palace Hotel. Trans Ekulu                                    

4. Betty’s Inn. Trans Ekulu                                                    

5. Sedotel Hotel. Trans Ekulu                                                 

6. Richrest Hotel. Trans Ekulu                                             

7. Swac Hotel limited. Trans Ekulu                                        

So, should it happen that your wish births a desire for visiting, use Google Maps when you do, it works. And note that when you search for Awhum on Google Maps, you will get directions to Ohum instead. Yes, that is where you’re going.

In addition, it is advisable to take some bottles of water along with you. The hike to the waterfall will take an hour. Climbing back up the hill after going down will definitely take longer than an hour and surely, you will be needing water.

Importantly, the waterfall and cave are actually under the control of the Abbey. And for reasons known to him,  Unconstrained access has been closed to the general public for a few years now. The proper procedure for gaining access to the site requires you to write a letter to the abbey asking for permission to visit. They then let you know if and when you can visit. Their P.O.Box is 698, Enugu.


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