What You Need To Know About The Unique Powers Of The Feminine

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There are many sayings that attest to special powers with which the feminine folk are endowed. Sayings such as: “Behind every man, there is a woman,” “ The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” There are in the Yoruba Language sayings like “Iya ni wura, baba ni jingi,” meaning, “Mother is gold, father is mirror” and “Orisha bi iya ko si laye,” meaning, “There is no oracle like mother on earth”

The feminine energy has been said to be one of the most powerful forces on earth. Let me tell you a story that illustrates how very powerful the energy of femininity can be.

A man called Arthur Bremer had planned for years to kill President Richard Nixon. Bremer grew up in a dysfunctional family and had been beaten and yelled at consistently at home. He was relentlessly mocked, teased and hated during his entire life He was a janitor, never married and had never been intimate with a woman. He felt he had absolutely no significance in his life. He felt that by killing the president he would have fame and his life would have some significance

On the day he wanted to kill the president, for the sake of fame, he came to a poin-t blank range of the president. With all the determination in him, he had reached into his pocket to get his gun when someone in the crowd knocked him on the arm. According to an account: “Full of rage and disgust for whoever or whatever it was that broke his state, and sabotaged his mission and his chance – the biggest moment of his life for which he had planned for years – he turned around to see a tiny little lady, incredibly tiny, and amazingly soft; and heard her say in deep concern: ‘Oh dear! I am SO SORRY! Are You OK?!’ and in that moment she showed him more love and connection, more true feminine energy, than he had ever received in his life.”

In the book written about Arthur Bremer, titled: “An Assassin’s Diary” he said that though he was at point-blank range of the president, he could not make this soft little lady witness something so horrendous. He didn’t want to make her see this.

So even the hardened assassin was touched and swayed by the magic of femininity and love he experienced from the tiny woman, and the president’s life was saved thereby. What a power! What a demonstration of the feminine’s power of influence!

When we talk about the unique powers of the feminine, a number of such powers immediately come to mind such as the powers of INFLUENCE, CHARM, INTUITION, FERTILITY, MOTHER LOVE AND CLOSENESS TO NATURE

Our first task is to try and understand the nature and essence of these powers. To do these, however, we first should consider their scope.

Goethe in FAUST, spoke of “The eternal feminine leading us upwards” From this alone it is clear that there are spiritual, eternal, dimensions to the scope of the powers and influence of the feminine.

But first let us consider some amazing and powerfully striking earthly dimensions of the unique powers of the feminine regarding the existence, sustenance and propagation of the human race on earth.

There are trillions of cells in the human body. In every cell of the body there is the nucleus that contains a mixture of genes from both father and mother. Outside the nucleus but still within each cell are structures called mitochondria. These are the POWER HOUSES in each cell. They are responsible for the production of the energy that runs the whole cell and therefore the whole body. Now, the striking and amazing thing is that whilst the genes in the nucleus come from both parents, the genes of the mitochondria, the POWER HOUSES of the body come only from the mother! These mitochondrial, power house, genes have been passed on this way right from the beginning of human existence, through the feminine line to all generations.

Further, there are also the sex chromosomes that we also need for life. The female has two X chromosomes (XX) and the male has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY)

It is the presence of the Y chromosome that makes you male. You can have an only X chromosome and still live as in Turner Syndrome. You will be a female and usually unable to reproduce without assistance. In the course of reproduction the only X that a male has which it cannot do without and survive can only come from the mother! You cannot survive with an only Y chromosome i.e. without an X chromosome.

Here again just like the genes of the power houses that supply energy to run the body flow along the feminine line from generation to generation, the males only tapping or deriving such genes from the feminine in each generation, so does the life force borne by the X chromosome also flow through the female to the male at each generation. .
Thus as far as the body is concerned the picture emerging is that the female line or channel is the bearer of life energy and life-force on which the male line depends.

It is said that as above, so below. As it has been demonstrated that the female line is channel for the energy genes and forces and on which the male line depends it should not be a surprise that they are also channels for special spiritual powers, too.
And when we consider the looser , finer consistency of the feminine body, then we can envisage that woman is thereby equipped to mediate the energies and forces she carries within also to others and to her surroundings in general.
Also, going by the principle of as above, so below, it should be the case that just as the feminine has a looser, finer physical body, the consistency of her soul and spirit, too, is also finer and lighter.

The finer, lighter spiritual consistency of the feminine would provide a basis for a readier understanding of the special powers and abilities with which she is naturally endowed.

Let us take the power of INTUITION which is proverbial with women. Indeed many children believe that their mothers have eyes at the back of their heads because of the way the mothers simply know, out of the blue, things that the children have no idea how they could possibly know.

There is also this pertinent quote which says: “Never underestimate the power of a woman’s intuition. Some women can recognize your game before you even start playing it.”

Intuition is spiritual. The finer vibrations of the feminine spirit make for spiritual perceptions that reach farther and deeper and that are more sensitive, clearer, more all-pervading; unlimited by earthly dimensions of time and space.

Let us consider the power of INFLUENCE of the feminine. We heard the story earlier on of how even a hardened would be assassin melted under the spell of a most delicate femininity he experienced from the tiny, little dainty woman he encountered just as he was about pulling out the gun to shoot president Nixon.

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