What You Need To Know On How To Prepare Tuwo Shinkafa


Tuwo Shinkafa

Do not miss this chance to taste this Hausa food and how to prepare it! It’s one of the most delicious cuisines not only in Nigeria but whole Africa. You will miss at least half of the African cuisine culture if you don’t read this article.

These rice balls are the most welcome and most known Hausa food in restaurants. It’s usually prepared with the soft rice variety. You can see it served with soups, like Miyan Taushe and Miyan Kuka. If you want to prepare this dish, you must choose the soft rice.


Medium or even short grain rice (must be soft)
Water – should be enough quantity to prepare the food


(1) You just need to take a pan where you are going to prepare the rice and fill it with enough water. The water should cover the whole quantity of rice. Place the pot on medium heat.

(2) At the time when the first portion of water is dried up, you can check the quality of it by mashing the pieces between fingers. If the rice has even the slightest resistance, then you will need to cook it once more.

(3) If the rice is good, you will need to reduce the heat and add some more water.

(4) Once you are happy with how warm and melted the rice is, you can mash it with a spatula. You will need to move the rice from the far end to the sides to mash it.

(5) Take the mound of tuwo and fold it into the rice. Repeat the process until the tuwo is combined with rice.

(6) You will need to leave it for at least two minutes to cool down.

(7) Mix everything thoroughly and get the rice into balls and then into the plastic to prevent tuwo from drying up.

You can serve the balls with Nigerian soup and Okra.………………..

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