What Your Wristwatch Says About You

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Once upon a time, wristwatches were supposed to just help one keep track of the time. Today, things have changed. Wristwatches have become an important part of who we are fashion-wise, and also says a lot about our lifestyle.

Nowadays watches, through their different models, speak volumes about personality. Indeed, a watch defines the wearer and not the other way around.

So what does your own class of wristwatch you have to say about you? Check it out.

digital watchDigital Watches: If you are wearing one of these such as those made by Casio. You are showing a display of your energy, motivation, and drive to remain connected.  You are a real workhorse or a fitness buff, especially if you have on those designed for diving, swimming, and can stand up to anything life throws at them.


stainless steel watchesStainless Steel Watches: That stainless steel watch says you are stylish, care about your choices, yet remain grounded (realistic). This type of versatile watch is excellent both in the boardroom and for a casual get-together. Stainless steel watches, like their wearers, are durable, ready to face whatever comes their way with a take-on-anything attitude.


leatherband watchLeather Band Watches: You are a lover of tradition. Watches with leather band are classic pieces that fit well with a casual suit or when paired with jeans and a T-shirt. So, you like things in your life to reflect culture or at least, history. Wearing a watch like this also presents you as one with a spontaneous and laid back spirit, and tells people that you go with the flow. For a more high-end look, go with a thinner band.


Luxury watchesLuxury Watches: Luxury watches portray an image of prestige and sophistication. They serve as fine jewelry and are often stunning to behold. Rolex is perhaps the most recognizable name in luxury watches. Rolex watches are for special outings!


Chronograph watch

Chronograph Watches: These say you are an adventurer. If there is one thing that a chronograph watch portrays, it is the adventurer’s spirit. Designed with more functions than a standard watch, it is perfect for those who are always on the go and those with a competitive nature. Chronograph watches are built to go, just as those who wear them are. The chronograph watch embodies the athlete and the warrior within.



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