Why Are Most Nigerians Not Using The Face Unlock Feature Of Their Smartphones?

Face unlock now seem to be the latest trend in the smartphone world as more and more smartphones now come equipped with facial recognition security, offering up a new way for us all to secure and unlock our smartphones. I have friends with latest phones which comes with the face unlock feature on their smartphones but almost all of them are not using it. They’re not even using the fingerprint scanner on the phone either, rather they prefer the good old password/pattern to secure their phones. A lady once told me she doesn’t trust the feature because she doesn’t want to wake up one morning and the phone wont recognize her face. I believe most Nigerians don’t really understand the feature. The facial unlock feature is the most powerful and the most secure form of phone security in the smartphone world right now. Someone looking over your shoulder can actually see your phone pattern or password but if you use your fingerprint scanner or FACE ID, that problem is eradicated completely.

What’s the major difference between the fingerprint scanner and the facial unlock ?

Although both of them provide high level of security, Fingerprint technology is not really a smart feature but face unlock is a smart feature. If you have some dust particles or sweat on the finger, the scanner cannot capture your fingerprint and the phone will not unlock but face unlock use what is called “deep learning”. This feature allows your phone to learn its owner’s face even as the face changes over time. If the owner grows a beard or goatee, the smartphone will still recognize his face, If she applies make-up, the phone will also recognize her face. Face unlock is also faster than the fingerprint scanner, as soon as you pick up the phone, the front facing camera captures your face and it immediately unlocks.

Can the FACE ID technology be fooled ?

Apple says the FACE ID on the iPhone X is 99.997% secure but yes it can be fooled ! Identical twins can fool the FACE ID but it’s very rare to find identical twins that look exactly alike to the extent of fooling the FACE ID on the iPhone X, but tech blog Marshable found a set of identical twins that were able to fool the FACE ID. The case of the OnePlus 6 was even worse because someone with your photograph can equally unlock your phone using your photograph.


Face unlock remains the best way to secure your device, the process of setting up the feature is very simple and straight forward, it’s better to use it than using the pattern. Infinix Hot 6 Pro and Tecno Spark 2 are some of the budget smartphones with face unlock.


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