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Why Nigerians Should Give Up On TSTV

Here’s the comment of maeshal, a member of the online forum Nairaland puncturing holes in the business model of TStv, the firm widely believed to put DStv out of business.

“Let me just chip in, in my whole life i have never seen a company that launch and begin test transmission (i stand to be corrected ). The right way is you test your product, launch and sell to the consumers.


“This is not about sentiment and the patriotic card, it is about credibility. I remember vividly the chat i had with their customer care which she claim that commercial sales will begin November 1st. How can a company launch a product and two months no single consumer can buy the product sigh. On the issue of beIN sport, i laugh when people claim tstvcan’t disclose their agreement. When two companies sign non disclosure agreement, both companies release a press statement that an agreement has been signed but details of the agreement won’t be published, that is how non disclosure agreement works but there has been no press release from the beIN group till now.

“Now let me give example of non disclosure agreement, when supersport got rights to air premier league games, multichoice released a statement and premeir league released a statement same day on their website but details of the agreement was not disclosed. Lastly tstv claim NBC officials went with them to Qatar to sign the agreement, why is it that till today no NBC official has collaborated that statement.

“By the way nobody should tag me dstv agent or kwese agent abi startimes agent, people should be able to ask questions and get genuine answers but this is Nigeria anything goes.

Is he saying the truth? Do you agree with him?


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