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Why Sexism Annoys Me More Than Racism Does – Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda Adichie
She said, “I said that because in my very own personal space, the people I love, the people I’m close to, my family, my friends, all get race.  So, I have never with them have to make a case, for why something was racist. 
“So, I’m in my circle of friends, White people, Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people and when something happens to do with Blackness, immediately, we all get it.
“But with gender, I find that with the people I love, I’m constantly being expected to make the case, the ways in which, women are reduced, the ways in which authority in women is judged much more different than authority in a man.
“And I’m constantly being asked by the people, I love. So, I’m not talking about anonymous people, to make that case and it gets emotionally exhausting.
“Because, I don’t feel like I have the kind of effortless support that I have, when I talk about race.”
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