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Why This Could Be The Best Time For A Career Switch

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener as it has changed the entire view of things and the way we see the world. Since the era of social distancing due to the pandemic, companies have readily bought into remote working. Companies have sought to expand their business growth in the global world through the acquisition of adept digital proficiency.

They say the only thing constant in life is change.  Our economy and many industrial sectors have been experiencing change daily. Sometimes this change subsists new discoveries and breakthroughs, yet humans resist change. This is majorly because of fear of the outcome. But will you know how the outcome will be if you do not take overcome the fear? There is no guarantee that switching careers is the best action to take for your professional growth. However, if you have been clamoring on changing your career, this should be the best time to do it.

Here is why:

Retrenchment- It is a known fact that some job roles have become obsolete during this pandemic. With the global impact (the COVID-19 era), a lot of businesses have been shut down, leading to retrenchment, downsizing, and thus unemployment. If you fall into this category, this could be it for you. You probably might have not been enjoying your job. No sense of fulfillment. Just the salary kept you going. Now due to lack of funds, the company you had invested your time and worth decide to let you go.  Well, look at it as an opportunity to explore other developing career alternatives. Why not seek to build yourself for careers or jobs that are highly sought after? And why not now, when companies seem to be re-strategizing.

Unemployment gap- Leading to the unfolding of events in the staffing departments of many companies, this year will be the best time you would not have to bother about explaining away your employment gap in your resume. This is because every recruiting firm understands and is aware that many competent employees were let go due to the financial impact most companies faced as a result of the pandemic. So if you are thinking of switching careers, you could use that to your benefit. Even if you were dismissed based on different terms or you just up and resigned, you could just invent an excuse that aligns with this period. Many job recruiters would definitely show sympathy knowing this year was circumstantial to many people. So dig into those courses, take those exams, send applications, and build yourself in your new career.

Unplanned Discovery-  Adaptation, and survival have always been a natural instinct for man. Lots of people during this period, have discovered novel means of income in the quest for survival.  Take for instance, as bars, lounges, churches and event centers have been closed for a while, professionals like photographers, videographers, might not be getting gigs as much as they did in the past, but with the knowledge of editing and creativity, such a person that finds oneself in that field might discover that making online videos/ jokes, skits and posting on their social media page is actually more prolific than what he/she had been doing. Thus such a person might find him/herself diversifying gradually into video editing or blogging.No one knows when things will normalize again, or when the economy will bounce back. Almost everyone whose line of business or profession have not been favored by this pandemic is subconsciously thinking of switching careers or has already made the move to switch careers.

Finding Yourself- Since the lockdown implementation, schools are placed on hold, companies are working remotely, public religious activities are banned. You find that you have ample time to discover a new passion you never thought to explore. This period can help you understand yourself better. For instance, with the influx of internet users these days due to boredom, you might have decided to try out some online courses and recognized your interest in such a field. Or you discover you are probably better at conversing with people than you believed. Why not try a customer-related career? Or you realize people found your article, which you wrote in the spur of the moment, rather intriguing. Why not delve into content writing and blogging? So you see, this can be the best time to learn something new that will really be beneficial to your career goals.

The Digital Era– The world has actually been going digital in the last years, the pandemic period just made people realize how much so. Do you know how many people finally picked up there ATM cards and signed up for internet banking? Quite a handful of people! But internet banking platforms have been around for about five years now. What about e-commerce? Many business owners now resort to selling online. Many technological related jobs are now more sought after now than ever. The Media business seems to be flourishing this period. Career opportunities like web development, networking, digital marketing, programmers, e.t.c might be nice to explore. The world has evolved and some job roles will definitely become obsolete with time. Many industries are leveraging on machine language and AI. Even the educational sector has started promoting virtual schooling, teachers who are not digitally inclined might be easily displaced. Switching to careers that build on technological advancement will expose you to diverse opportunities even after this pandemic. So if you are looking for a change of career, it is best to do so now that things are static and jump on different tech opportunities.

Job Security- This pandemic has made it glaring that “job security” in any career is really a myth. Anything can happen. Even top management personnel are not exempted from the negative impact of a crashing economy. The commercial sector is incredibly dynamic and some skills are becoming less demanding. These are inspiring reasons to take the bold step and make that career shift you crave so badly.

Finally, if you enjoy your work and choice of career, you just need to use this period to develop your skills to evolve with the constantly advancing market. But if you have really been craving a career switch, now is the best time. If not now, when? You might never find such free time again. Capitulate on this period and make that bold move.


– by Stephanie Obiekezie, an Editor at How Nigeria

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