Why You Should Not Travel Without An Insurance Cover

travel insurance

Sh*t happens, right? And most especially when you are traveling abroad. You break your ankle on the day you arrive at a safari in Kenya, you lose your wallet and credit cards to a pick-pocket in a Istanbul, you arrive by flight to Rio but your luggage is left behind, and you drop down with malaria the following day you arrive Cameroon and need a quick medical evacuation back home. So sh*t, sorry…things happen, right? That’s why you need a travel insurance and mustn’t leave your home country without having one taken out in your name.


Here are 6 reasons why you need travel insurance:

i. You get mugged and lose your wallet

If you happen to get attacked in broad daylight or at night in a foreign country, and you lose your wallet containing your cash and credit cards, who do you turn to in a strange country? Getting stranded with no one to turn to abroad, with little chances of being able to return home or pay for another night at the hotel can be the worse experience ever. But having travel insurance might insulate you against most of these things and more. You will not only be able to secure sufficient cash or live normally abroad when you suffer these things, but a travel insurance will also ensure that you complete your initial mission abroad without any hassles.

ii. You suffer a medical emergency and need to be evacuated

Whether you lose your bag with your pack of insulin while on a trip, or suddenly fall ill and need some urgent surgery or medical procedure, getting this abroad might be out of the question if their medical system is way below what your medical condition requires, your only bet is to return home – and this is where your insurance company can arrange for a medical plane or get you back home for emergency medical procedures. Emergency medical evacs abroad is only possible with travel insurance, or you might be facing grave medical emergency that threatens your life in a strange land.

iii. You need to cancel your flight or trip due to an emergency

If you receive an emergency call over the death of a parent or get notified of a tragic accident involving your sister-in-law while away abroad – and need to cancel your flight or trip, your travel insurance would be able to help you out if you have made non-refundable deposits for the flight or trip among other things. Don’t forget you have to pay full deposits that are often unrefundable if you have to cancel while abroad, but your insurance provider would be able to compensate you for the loss if you have a valid travel protection in place.

iv. You get overtaken by natural disaster or civil unrest

What do you do if you get caught up with some hurricane, or get caught in the middle of a civil unrest and can’t take out any personal belonging or luggage? That is where you need the help of a travel insurer to quickly get you out by arranging for an emergency plane evacuation, or even just compensate you for the personal losses you have suffered in the crisis. Hurricanes, flooding, fire incidents, or any other natural disasters can be fatal and very damaging if it catches you abroad, but with a good travel insurance, you’d be made good again if you happen to suffer any losses.

v. You get sued for a personal liability case abroad

What happens to you if you get roped into some civil or criminal case abroad, or just sued for damaging property or causing injury in any personal liability case with no one to turn to? This is where your travel insurer would be able to provide you with some relief. Your insurer might provide you with legal representation abroad or seek for alternative ways to just get you out.

vi. Your flight gets canceled or your travel operator goes bankrupt

Imagine getting to the airport late in the night with your family only to discover that your flight has been cancelled without any prior notification; and imagine fully paying for a trip abroad and get to the takeoff date only to learn that you couldn’t travel anymore because your travel operator, airline, or cruise line has gone bankrupt. With a valid travel insurance, you wouldn’t be bad hit if this ever happens.

Note: All of the above are subject to certain exceptions and limitations, and you must make all enquiries from your insurer before buying out a travel insurance so that you know – if you pay for part of medical procedures, or not qualified for certain coverage given your age and any other thing.

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