Wife To Be: 4 Things You Need To Know About Your Engagement Ring

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You said yes? Congratulations on your engagement! And that ring — wow! Everybody loves it.

You’ve been sharing pictures of it on social media, and you don’t ever want to take it off. Here are 4 things you need to know about having and wearing your new bling:

  1. Insure that ring immediately! Your fiancé may have even been thoughtful enough to do that for you, but if not, it’s first on your list. It’s easy if you already have a homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Just call them, send a scan or fax of the appraisal, and they’ll add it onto your policy. It’s not that expensive. But the value is priceless if, God forbid, something unforeseen happens to the bling. If the ring didn’t come with an appraisal, you need to have one done in order to insure it. Go to a reputable jeweler.

  2. Speaking of jewelers, if you don’t know the jeweler that you’re taking your ring to, don’t let the ring out of your sight if you can help it.

  3. It only takes a moment for an expert to swap stones on you. And yes, it really does happen. That’s not an urban legend. Get a referral to a jeweler — don’t look it up in online or in the Yellow Pages.

  4. Put it on your calendar to get your ring settings checked by a jeweler (preferably where it was purchased, if possible) annually. They’ll clean it (much better than you can do yourself) and check the prongs and make sure the stones are safe. Even the most beautiful platinum settings may separate depending on how much wear and tear they take.

  5. Make sure you have ring stands. One on your dresser, and one in your kitchen. Never set down your engagement ring (and later, your wedding ring) anyplace else in your house. Kitchen accidents happen — you’d be surprised to find out how many rings have been destroyed by garbage disposals.

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