Windows 10 Blazes Past 200 Million Installs

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Unlike the disastrous Windows Vista and the not-so-good Windows 8, there’s no doubt Microsoft got so many things right with Windows 10. Microsoft made sure it combined the best features of Windows 7 with the modern look that came with Windows 8 to create something physically appealing and still usable. We even got so excited about this OS that we gave some reasons why anyone shouldn’t keep using any older version of Windows.


Windows 10

It seems Windows 10 adoption rate continues to soar as it now reportedly runs on over 200 million devices. As reported by WinBeta, this figure is from an unnamed source but the report may be very close to the truth. In October, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 already had 110 million installations worldwide.

It’s over three months since that figure was announced and it seems more and more people are convinced to use the OS. Or perhaps, Microsoft’s aggressive Windows 10 marketing has been working miracles. The rapid adoption too may also be attributed to the “free” upgrade.

Even with this number of installs, it’s still evident that only a small percentage of Windows users are on Windows 10, majority still use Window 7 and remain skeptical about the shiny Windows 10.

200 million may be close to the real figure but since it’s not coming directly from Microsoft but from a “source,” it should probably be taken with a grain of salt. Besides, the figure may include Xbox One and Windows 10 mobile devices.

Microsoft targets 1 billion installs by 2018 and if this adoption rate continues, it may meet that target. Still not using Windows 10? We have an installation guide here.

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