For Women: 4 Tips On How To Affect Your Man’s Style Postively

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Remember this, never make it about him looking bad in the clothes he has. Instead, tell him how hot he looks when he’s in something you like.

Here are tips on how to ensure that you affect your man’s style in a positive way:

1. Compliment him when he gets it right: There are days when your man will be looking fly, Ladies, don’t hold back. This is the perfect opportunity to make him feel like he’s your knight in shining armour. Let him know that he looks good and be specific about what he’s got right. Compliment him when he’s around others so he feels proud of his accomplishment.

2. Start small: Buy him a gift of something that matches his style and you would love to see him in. Take him shopping and help him pick out outfits and trendy pieces that you know would make him look dapper and hence compliment your wardrobe.

3. Guide him when he gets it wrong: Nobody likes to be told what to do. You will be more effective in affecting your man’s style positively if you gentle suggest these things to him. Instead of always leaving his choices to chance, pick out a number of outfits for him and let him choose which one to wear. You get to dress him and he gets to choose.. Win Win!!!

4. Give him some off-days: Not everyone can be perfect all the time. Give your man a day when he can relax, wear that scruffy vest top and old trainers you abhor and get away with it! He will love you even more for it.


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Written by Damilola Odunsi


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