World Kidney Day: Experts Caution Against Junk foods, Sedentary Lifestyle

Mr Babatunde Samuel, the chairman, Kwara branch of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria has cautioned Nigerians against over consumption of junk foods and sedentary lifestyle to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease.

Samuel gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin ON Wednesday.

The pharmacist said that people who were overweight had a chance of developing end stage renal disease compared to those of normal weights.

He recommended routine urine and blood tests for people to know the medical status of their kidney before it reached advanced stage.

He pointed out that regular check up on kidney functions would enable people to measure keratinise in the body.
Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins. It is the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress.


The medical expert explained that early diagnosis remained the golden emphasis in stemming the rising waves of chronic kidney diseases.

He added that patients with the disease would experience symptoms like swollen ankles, fatigue, decreased appetite and foamy urine among others.

“It is part of our responsibilities as community pharmacists is to adequately advice and refer our patients when necessary at the sight of the onset of these symptoms to their doctors.

“Other risk factors for kidney disease are obesity, hypertension, diabetes, 50 year olds, smokers and patients with the family of chronic kidney diseases.

“It is part of our roles as community pharmacists to counsel patients on drug use and interactions to avoid kidney injury as many drugs including OTC, POM and herbs are very harmful to the kidney,” he said.

Samuel also advised Nigerians to always take steps at reducing their weights, embark on regular exercise as well as to avoid smoking and sedentary lifestyle.

He warned people against seeking the attention of quacks while seeking medical care, pointing out that medical attention should be sought from only qualified health personnel.


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