Worried About Boredom During The ASUU Strike? Check Out 7 Lucrative Things You Can Do Before Resumption

You don’t have to be worried about the ASUU strike and how it may affect you negatively.

Come to the positive side! There are many things you can achieve during a time when school is not in session.

Here are things you can do during the period of the ASUU strike:

1. Attend Events and Seminars for personal and career development

There are several events that organizations and foundations organize in order to make an impact in the society.

Most of these events are usually free. Follow organizations relevant to your career interests so that you can get updated on their events.

From seminars, you can also learn one or two things that are relevant to your field of study. This will help you when you resume.

In addition, follow event management companies to get updates on events and seminars that they host.

2. Learn new skills

If you know someone with a skill that you admire, contact the person for you to learn the skill.

It could be hairdressing, fashion designing, professional makeup, coding and so many others.

You can also apply to learn a skill with a certain fee attached to it. If you can’t afford it, not to worry. You can get some ideas of the skills on YouTube channels and videos on Instagram.

3. Start a business and expand your skills

If you are already skilled at a particular thing, but you couldn’t do it earlier because of school work, here is your chance!

Exhibit that skill today and become an undergraduate boss!

Also, if you like to do business, why not sell something online?

You can do this at home at your convenience. Go to online wholesale markets and start selling.

4. Apply for a professional course


This can be done online or offline. It is preferable for you to do it online because online courses are mostly free than those offline.

The course you would apply for could be a course that you’ve always wanted to study, but never got the chance to.

5. Become a Volunteer

There are many volunteering opportunities for youths in the country. You can join one of the organizations that create these opportunities.

You would love volunteering when you do it passionately because it allows you to give back to the society selflessly.

6. Join a club

This could be a book club, an all-girls’ club, a film club or any other club.

There are also many clubs that have the purpose to empower women and youths in the country.

However, you’ll have to join a club that you’re interested in so you don’t become bored.

7. Go for auditions

You may not be interested in acting, but this would be fun. Who knows? Your crooked acting could get you a role and make you famous!

Apart from that, you could network and meet new people who are interested in the same field as yours.

They may just be experts or professionals, and that would help to boost your career if you build a relationship with them.


Study ahead for resumption!

This might sound absurd, but another thing you can do during the ASUU strike is to study ahead of resumption.

When you do this, you won’t have troubles with your studies as soon as you resume.

Explore many things about your topics and get creative while you study. Do not limit yourself to the academic part of your course, since this is the strike period, but explore the historical and practical parts of it.

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