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How To Wrap A Gift In Less Than 30 Seconds This Christmas Season (Watch Video)

As we celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season, a great deal of us plan to give out a few gifts to friends and family to demonstrate our thankfulness and love for them. One test confronted with regards to presenting gifts is the manner by which to wrap them.

It can look quite complicated and can be a frustrating process if you do not know what you are doing. Besides, if you have a number of gifts to wrap and limited time, it can feel downright impossible. This need to wrap presents in record time was probably why this technique is trending.

Below is a Japanese trick for wrapping your presents within 30 seconds.

Step 1: Situate the gift diagonally, not straight. You will want it set in such position that the paper can go all the way up the side when folded.

Gift wrapping

Situate the gift diagonally

Step 2: Pull that same side up so that a crease forms at a right angle along with the corner of the box.

Gift wrapping

Pull that same side up

Step 3: Using your fingers, fold perpendicular to the crease so that you’re creating a flap. It can be a little tricky but once you figure it out, you are basically almost done.

Gift wrapping

This part may be tricky but it gets easier from here on


Step 4:  Pull up the bottom side to cover the entirety of that side of the box. Picture yourself wrapping in a circular movement.

Gift wrapping

At this point, picture working in a circular motion

Step 5:  Fold in the broad side’s crease to make another flap. The flap doesn’t need to be perfect because the other paper will cover it.

Gift wrapping

Fold in the broad side’s crease to make another flap.

Step 6: The broad side will fold up and you’ll tape it, leaving you with just one side left.

Gift wrapping

Almost done. The broader side will fold up.

Step 7: Fold the indent/flap thing on BOTH sides of the remaining end, then fold that flap up as well.

Gift wrap

Tape it up and you are done

Step 8: Tape it up and you are done.

Watch video below:




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