You Can Ask To Search A Policeman Before He Searches You Says NPF

Nigeria Police Force (NPF), released things an arrested person should do to avoid arrest situations turning violent.

The NPF said that arrest situations could easily turn bad if the person under arrest is seen as resisting arrest. The police said that trying to resist arrest is itself an offence, adding that even if the arrest is perceived to be illegal, it should still be allowed to take place.

“Arrest situations can easily turn violent. If not properly handled, it can portray you as a hostile person or give the impression that you are resisting arrest which on its own constitutes an offence, therefore: “Do not resist arrest.

Even if you believe that the arrest is illegal or uncalled for, allow the arrest to take place without any incident. Note that resisting arrest could lead to an encounter that might result in harm, injuries and/or permanent disabilities or death to you or even the officer arresting you,” the Force said.

The force also said that if a person has anything against the arrest, it is better to allow the arrest to take place and seek redress later, and that one can demand to know the reason for an arrest in a polite manner.

NPF also listed what the arresting police officer can do during an arrest to include search of body, clothing, belongings, vehicle, among other things.


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